June 23, 1998

Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto, D-32 withdraws as the Prime Cosponsor of A2165 and no longer supports the bill

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Today Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto withdrew as the prime cosponsor of A2165. Assemblyman Impreveduto has also stated that he no longer supports this bill. I met with Assemblyman Impreveduto and was impressed by his willingness to discuss this matter. He received many phone calls, letters and faxes from groups and individuals associated with Jersey Coast Anglers Association and the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs. He was clearly impressed by the amount of interest generated by this legislation. In my conversation with Assemblyman Impreveduto, it became clear that his intention was not to create controversy about Striped Bass. Once he was fully informed about the ramifications of this legislation, he was eager to take steps to withdraw his support. The PCB contamination and the current health advisories on Striped Bass were of particular importance to him.

He expressed his thanks to the many clubs and individuals who contacted him to voice their opinion and provide information. He was particularly impressed with the calls and letters from members of the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association and Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County. In addition, he hopes to work with JCAA and clubs in his district on future legislation.

Today’s success is the result of a group effort by Jersey Coast Anglers Association, the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, the Recreational Fishing Alliance and the many individuals and clubs who contacted Assemblyman Impreveduto. It is simply another indication of the political power we have when we act together, delivering a clear message to our legislators. It is easy to organize around Striped Bass since so many of us feel so strongly about gamefish status. But it is essential that we continue to show the same type of concerted effort on other issues.

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