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To the Coalition:

The glass eel bill A675/S457 was defeated yesterday by a vote of 21 to 5.

Here is a Christmas Story with a happy ending. We have added that happy ending. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in on this issue. It shows what can be accomplished when we put in the necessary time. It also demonstrates what can be accomplished if we all work together and focus on the problem. Seventeen or eighteen years from now when you are frustrated in your work to protect the environment, you can think of this victory. You can think of all those eels from New Jersey and neighboring states that are heading out to spawn and know you had a large part in allowing this to happen. Because of all your hard work the 1998 and the 1999-year classes of immature eels have been allowed to come back into our waters to grow and take their place in the ecosystem. Mother Nature thanks you. This is when you feel that all the volunteer time that you have put in on an issue is well worth it and you can make a difference. We also need to thank all 21 Senators who voted against the bill. Those names will be at our web page and in this month's JCAA newspaper. A special thanks needs to go to Senator Louis Bassano who led the battle against the bill in the legislature and in the Republican Caucus. We give a special thanks to Senator Joseph Vitale who spoke against this bill on the Senate floor and Senator John Adler and Senator Joseph Vitale who spoke against the bill to the Democratic Caucus.

Next year Jersey Coast Anglers Association and the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen Clubs will call on you to fight more battles to protect the environment. Remember this victory and answer the call. You can make the difference in winning or losing. The menhaden issue is next and we will need your help to protect this resource. Again, thank you and have a Happy Holiday. This will probably be the best present I receive this holiday season.

Again thanks and have a prosperous New Year

Thomas P. Fote
Legislative Chairman JCAA & NJSFSC
22 Cruiser Court, Toms River NJ, 08753
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Email tfote@jcaa.org

Release For Tomorrow
Tom Fote