Congratulations to Cindy Zipf

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association November1997Newsletter)

Congratulations to Cindy Zipf, Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action,. for the Walter B. Jones Memorial and NOAA Excellence Award for Coastal and Ocean Resource Management. The awards program honors excellence in unique coastal and ocean resource management programs, as well as in public and private endeavors to conserve America’s coasts.

The Jones award winners have demonstrated the positive impact public and private organizations and citizens can have in reversing these problems. The winners were chosen from a pool of nearly 100 qualified nominees by an independent panel of judges. The criteria for evaluation are based on innovative approaches in coastal zone management --helping to maintain coasts and ocean resources and balance the needs of these resources with human use. The committee described Cindy as playing a pivotal role in influencing state and national legislation and mobilizing thousands of people to become coastal stewards.

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