We are leading the fight in New Jersey and along the coast to protect your rights as a Saltwater Recreational Angler.

JCAA member clubs are united in the effort to insure Meaningful Fisheries Management, Protect our Aquatic Resources, and regain a Clean and Safe Environment.

We are also working with today's youth in schools and civic organizations. Representatives from the JCAA Youth Education Committee are helping to show our young people the joys and responsibilities provided by our environment and the sport of fishing.

There is an undercurrent of apathy in many fishing clubs that keeps them from getting involved with difficult efforts.

Many anglers still seem complacent about the real threats to their sport. They are absorbed in buying tackle, learning new angling methods, competing in tournaments and attempting to catch that trophy fish. Too many talk about how great the fishing was in the past and do not seem to have any interest in improving the current situation.

The drastic decline of many of our favorite species of fish, should wake up our complacent friends. The constant barrage of bad news concerning the future of fishing should make them aware that action must be taken now about this situation.

The voice of the individual angler must be heard on important issues, but it is also vital for all anglers to work together in efforts to protect their sport.

Each month the JCAA provides the up to date and truthful information, you will need to understand various issues. The publishers of many of our local and regional newspapers no longer have an interest in providing this type of information to their angling readers. The JCAA has become a vital source of information to those who really care about the future of saltwater fishing on the East Coast.

We need the support of your club and it's members !!

Your club can join by filling out the form on the next page. Your Club President will be contacted by the JCAA Membership Secretary upon receipt of your application.

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