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Since the tiny purse seine contingent of the bluefin fishery received a disproportionate allocation of the bluefin public resource back in 1970s under the pretext of conducting tagging studies, there has been little chance of changing their quota. Because of the hard work by some of the members of congress, with special kudos going to Congressmen Jim Saxton and Frank Pallone, there is a window of opportunity being opened that could allow for a correction in this long standing inequity in the allocation of this recreationally important species. What reason could have possibly been used to justify allocating over 1/3 of the total allowable catch to three families with 5 boats, almost double that of the entire small fish category that is the domain of most of the current 15,000 angling category permit holders have to harvest between them.

The JCAA will be sending a letter to our congressional delegation re-enforcing our position on this issue immediately. If we don't act NOW, this window might not be left open for very long. If this window is allowed to close this year without resolution of the problem, it will be far more difficult to open it again in the future. Quick and decisive action on our part and strong support for those congressmen who are working to correct this inequity is a must. It is imperative that anyone that reads this notice contact your local congressional representatives, both Senate and House, Rollie Schmitten at NMFS, and the Secretary of Commerce William Daley and tell them that the purse seine allocation is totally out of proportion and should be reduced immediately. The goal is for any reduction in purse seine quota to be redistributed into the other categories, including upping the angling category. Their addresses are:

William Daley, Secretary of Commerce
Department of Commerce
14th and Constitution, NW, Room 35858
Washington, DC 20230,
Fax 202-482-4576
Phone 202-482-2112
  Rolland Schimiten
Assistant Administrator
National Marine Fisheries Service
1335 East West Hwy.
Silver Springs Maryland 20910
Fax 301-713-2258
Phone 301-713-2239

Do not put it off . Call, write and fax today, regardless of where you reside. Also mail or fax your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel.

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