President's Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association August 2021 Newsletter)

While we are enjoying our fishing this summer, there is an effort by the animal right activists to eliminate hunting events that sponsor prizes or monetary rewards. While you may think that this has nothing to do with us anglers, think again! Bill (A) 1365 has passed through the Assembly’s Agricultural Committee that would stop competitive events for hunters, and if it is passes through the assembly and senate, I don’t think the animal right activists would rest until our fishing tournaments would also be eliminated. I have written a column about this troublesome issue that is in another section of this newsletter that explains this bill in further detail. Rest assured the JCAA, NJOA and the NJ Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs are closely monitoring this bill so that we can collectively protect the rights of hunters, trappers and anglers (both salt & fresh) who live in our state!

As I mentioned in my June report, we have had to rely on ZOOM meetings because of COVID19. While ZOOM meetings have their benefits, they lack the camaraderie that in-person meetings generate. I am happy to announce that our September 28th JCAA General Membership meeting will take place at the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Building in Herbertsville. We plan to serve refreshments to welcome you back at this in-person meeting. Our THANKS go out to the Shark Anglers for their continued and generous support for the JCAA!

At this meeting, we will be taking nominations for the JCAA’s prestigious Sportsperson of the Year award. Please think of the individual you would like to see receive this award for their contributions to support and enhance our fishing industry. Also, submit a short paragraph why your nomination should receive this award.

Our JCAA Fluke tournament will be here before you know it with our Awards Ceremony taking place at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. Please support the JCAA by entering into our tournament. Detailed information about our tournament is in another section of this newsletter.

Finally, there was an error in the JCAA’s June newsletter concerning the cost of our tickets for the High Roller raffle. The price of one ticket for the High Roller raffle is $2, and not $3 that was incorrectly posted in the June JCAA newsletter. The price is correct for 3tickets at $5 and 10 tickets for $10.

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