Note from the Board of Directors

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 2021 Newsletter)

Jersey Coast Anglers Association hopes you and your family are all healthy during these concerning times. There have been a couple of calls the last few weeks about upcoming events that JCAA is running or involved with. Several 2020 events and some upcoming 2021 events have been canceled. To keep informed, go to the JCAA web page or Facebook page for up to date information.

We are planning two more raffles to try and make up for the loss of revenue from our events. We need our member clubs to help in selling these tickets and increasing their sponsorship of JCAA to make up for loss of revenue.

JCAA’S General meetings and Board meetings will also be done online. If you are the person designated to be the club’s representative, please make sure you are on our JCAA email list as a club representative.

Dear JCAA Supporter,

JCAA wishes you and your family Happy Holidays!

We thank you for your continual support of the JCAA as it fights for the rights of all anglers who fish in New Jersey.

The JCAA raises its funds primarily through its many events such as its Annual Fluke Tournament, the Sportsperson of the Year Dinner, selling its raffle tickets at shows like the Salt Water Expo in Edison and other venues.

Because of COVID-19, the JCAA had to cancel its Annual Fluke Tournament and its Sportsperson of the Year Dinner. Its attendance at the fishing trade shows for 2021 are in jeopardy since the public is scared of contracting this virus with the many people who attend these shows. Governor Murphy may outright cancel them by Executive Order. The JCAA is trying to raise funds by hosting a new Blackfish Tournament during November 16th to the 22nd, but few applications have been received so far and it may be canceled due to this virus.

In short, money is going out, but money is not going into JCAA’s treasury that pays bills like office rental space, newsletters, mailings and other expenses to keep an association like the JCAA in business. While the JCAA is comprised of all volunteers, we do have one paid manager to handle the necessary administration details of the JCAA such as phone calls, printing of newsletters, etc.

COVID-19 is threatening the ability of the JCAA to continue its efforts to protect the fishing rights of all of us anglers. Please consider providing a donation to the JCAA. You also benefit since your donation can be used to reduce your 2020 tax assessment. If your company provides for a matching donation, you may be able to double your contribution. The JCAA is a 501 C3 organization and donations that are given to it are eligible for tax deduction purposes.

Please make your check out to the Jersey Coast Anglers Association and mail it to JCAA, 1594 Lakewood Rd, Ste. 13, Toms River, NJ 08755.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support! May your holidays be Joyful and may you have a very prosperous and a Healthy New Year!

John Toth President, JCAA (732) 656-0139
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