1st Annual JCAA
Blackfish Tournament

by Paul Haertel

Fishing Dates: November 16th-November 22nd, 2020

You may only fish on two of the dates but you get to choose which ones. You must text your name to 973-943-8201 or email anglerpmh@aol.com by 9PM the nights before the days you intend to fish.

About JCAA and our Blackfish Tournament

This has been a tough year for JCAA as it has been for most people as well as other businesses and organizations. JCAA had most of its major fundraising events cancelled. The Saltwater Fishing Expo was canceled and that is where we normally sell many of our high roller raffle tickets. Our Beefsteak Dinner and Sportsperson of the Year Dinner were cancelled. Most of our member clubs did not contribute as much as they normally do because their financial situation was also hurting. However, our biggest loss was having to cancel our traditional fluke tournament which was initially scheduled in May and then postponed to November before being canceled all together. That is a shame because we had a room reserved for a huge awards ceremony in Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. Hopefully, we will be able to hold our traditional fluke tournament next year and have our awards ceremony in AC.

We picked up a little bit of the slack by holding our Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament and now we are hoping that our blackfish tournament will give us a little shot in the arm. We are going to run our Blackfish Tournament for a full week. We realize that not everyone can fish everyday so to be fair to everyone, each boat will be limited to fishing on only two of the days. However, each entrant will be able to choose the days they fish. The weather can be bad at this time of the year so we are hopeful that there will be at least a couple nice weather days during our tournament. Therefore, we will be holding our blackfish tournament from Monday, November 16th (the first day of the 5 fish limit) through Sunday, November 22nd.

Prizes will be based on the single largest fish but we will also have 1 fish and 3 fish Calcuttas for blackfish. Additionally, we will have one prize for the largest sea bass and a couple sea bass Calcuttas.

JCAA has fought hard for recreational anglers and the marine resource in the past and will continue to do so in in the future. In order to continue our work on these issues and better represent you, we need your help in our fundraising efforts. We are currently giving input on the upcoming bluefish amendment as well as the upcoming fluke, sea bass and scup amendment. There may be a new striped bass amendment coming up too. We are working to protect our stocks of menhaden and other forage species. We are heavily involved and had quite a bit of success with access issues this year despite the covid-19 restrictions. We always work to have sustainable fisheries but it is a constant fight to seek fair regulations for the anglers of our state. We have attended many meetings, participated in conference calls, written letters, made phone calls and met with various key individuals about these issues and more. We are fighting to stop the mining of our offshore lumps to prevent the destruction of vital marine habitat. We are seeking ways to provide much needed funding to the NJ Marine Fisheries Bureau. We are also pushing hard for improved science so that our fisheries can be better managed. We need your help in ensuring the success of these important issues. We also have a youth education program and events where we take handicapped kids and disabled veterans fishing. We are one of the very few recreational salt water advocacy groups that work exclusively for New Jersey anglers. As in past years, our fundraising efforts have a strong influence on our budget and what we can accomplish throughout the year. It costs money to send delegates to meetings, to meet with legislators, print newsletters, pay office expenses and fund day-to-day operations. We appreciate your anticipated support!

For more info on our website, follow these links:

Tournament standings will be updated on our Facebook page during and after the conclusion of the tournament.