Note from the Board of Directors

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2020 Newsletter)

Jersey Coast Anglers Association hopes you and your family are all healthy during these concerning times. There have been a couple of calls the last few weeks about upcoming events that JCAA is running or involved with. There is a list at the end of this article listing the events that have been canceled. To keep informed, go to the JCAA web page or Facebook page for up to date information.

We are planning two more raffles to try and make up for the loss of revenue from our events. We need our member clubs to help in selling these tickets and increasing their sponsorship of JCAA to make up for loss of revenue.

Taking all the information and following the CDC protocols, JCAA had to make a very tough decision in cancelling most of our events. For these events we could not control certain CDC protocols and make sure that all the recreational community continues to stay healthy and safe.

Here is the list of events that have been canceled:

As of this newspaper, the upcoming meetings of ASMFC, MAFMC & MAFAC NJMFC will all be online. You will be able to attend these meetings and ask questions without leaving your house. There could be important public hearings this fall, and I am fairly sure they will also be online this fall and winter. You need to keep informed and the best way to do this is occasionally going to their web pages and asking to be added to their email list.

JCAA’S General meetings and Board meetings will also be done online. If you are the person designated to be the club’s representative, please make sure you are on our JCAA email list as a club representative.

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