President's Report

by John Toth

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 2008 Newsletter)


Fluke Report  

At our February 26th General Meeting, I asked our membership clubs to vote on what options they preferred for our upcoming fluke season. None of the options we had to vote on were good, but I wanted to learn what our clubs wanted so that I could take this information to NJ Marine Fisheries Council March 6th meeting where the final decision would be made on our 2008 fluke season. Without going into too much detail, our membership was almost equally divided between these two options:

  1. May 24th to September 7th with 8 fish and 18 inches minimum size
  2. May 17th to October 6th with 8 fish and 18 ˝ inches minimum size

At the Marine Fisheries Council meeting, the overwhelming opinion on this divisive issue was that if we choose the longer season, we would start the 2009 season with an 18˝ inch minimum size. Therefore, since we never seem to go down with our minimum size, 2009 would most likely start with a 19 inch or more minimum size if we went with this option making it all the more difficult to catch legal fish. This sentiment was not only expressed by myself, but many if not most of the party/charter boat captains who have the most to lose with a shorter season. We all know that the fishing season does not end on Labor Day and that the Fall season is a great time to catch big fluke, but, as I said at the outset, we had no good options to choose from! Accordingly, the Marine Fisheries Council voted to accept option # 1, which starts the fluke season from May 24th to September 7th with 18" fish minimum size and an 8 fish bag limit.

After the meeting ended, one of the Council members told me that even if we went with the second option and if we exceeded our fluke quota before the October 6th date, which is more likely with a longer season, the fluke season could be quickly shut down by fishing management well before October 6th. Therefore, we would not have a longer season and also we would start the 2009 fluke season with an 18 ˝ inch minimum size.

There is one positive development that came out of the Council’s meeting and that is we are allowed to use fluke ribbons. However, the ribbons must come from a legal size fish (only one fish) and the rack must be retained for inspection purposes. The fish used for ribbon purposes counts toward the 8 fish limit. The banning on fluke ribbons has been an additional source of irritation for anglers given all of the restrictions we face with this fishery, but at least we can use fluke ribbons for the 2008 fluke season.


Welcome is extended to our new JCAA club member Fin, Fur & Feather Club from Cream Ridge, NJ!


JCAA Fluke Tournament  

Mark your calendars for our upcoming and exciting 14th Annual Fluke Tournament that will start on June 14th (Saturday) and conclude on June 20th (Friday) with our Awards Ceremony that will be held at the Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. There are loads of prizes to be won from 12 different ports and our many tournament sponsors provide numerous door prizes at the Trump casino. Last year, approximately 1,500 anglers and their friends showed up for the Awards Ceremony in the Ballroom of the Trump Marina Hotel Casino. All those who show up at he Trump Casino have an opportunity to not only walk home with door prizes, but also have an automatic entry to win a nice fishing boat! The Awards Ceremony at the Trump Casino is not to be missed for a great time and many fishing prizes. More details on our JCAA Fluke Tournament are on our web site and you can win the fishing boat and the many prizes by entering in our Fluke Tournament. So get in the game and the best of luck to you and your fishing buddies!

The information and applications on this year’s Tournament are posted on our web site. Canyon Gear did an excellent job in designing this year’s Fluke Tournament T-shirt and I will imagine that they will sell out this year. The shirt art and order form are also on web site (www.jcaa.org).


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