Menhaden Bill Is Signed By Governor DiFrancesco

by Frank Richetti - January 8th 2002


Good News!!!

Governor DiFrancesco signed the Menhaden Bill into Law on Sunday evening January 6 at about 5:00 p.m.

Congratulations to everyone who supported this bill and helped to push it through the system. We have been fighting for better menhaden protection for a very long time. We have been frustrated time after time both in the legislative process and in the regulatory process. But now all the hard work has paid off, we have succeeded in protecting a very important species in the marine environment from excessive harvesting.

This action will not only help the recovery of sport fish like striped bass, but will also have a positive impact in keeping our state waters

clean.  We need to recognize the groups that made this protection a reality; first the Menhaden Project who brought the issue to life again in the mid 90s, the Jersey Coast Anglers Association for supporting the cause, the Recreational Fishing Alliance for supporting and a special thanks to the Salty Dogs who rallied the troops after the defeat at the NJ Marine Fisheries Council. Many fishing clubs throughout the state actively supported the movement of this bill throughout all the steps.

Congratulations to one and all! It is time to feel good about a great accomplishment!