JCAA 2002 Fluke Tournament To Be Hosted By Trump Marina

by Phil Celmer

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association January 2002 Newsletter)

Mark your Calendar now for the 8th annual Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament, scheduled for Saturday June 8th, 2002.  The Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament is a unique concept that will now include twelve mini-tournaments, each with its own set of prizes. This year by popular demand we will be adding Atlantic City as a port. Each contest is held at one of the twelve ports from Jersey City in the north to Fortescue in the south. You will compete for prizes for the port you select including a first place prize of at least $1,000 for the heaviest fish weighed in at your port. Each port now has its own weigh station.  All participants are automatically eligible for the Grand Prize of a boat, motor and trailer that will be selected during the door-prize drawing at Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City the following Friday, June 14th.  This year should be especially enjoyable, as Trumps Marina will be hosting the event in their largest facility.

This fun packed event is important to all recreational fishermen. The Jersey Coast Anglers Association, the eyes, ears and voice of recreational fishermen in New Jersey, has been working hard to protect the marine environment and the fisheries we enjoy as part of this great sport we all love. With 20 years experience carrying out this important work JCAA is a leading advocacy group on the East Coast. JCAA, a non profit, volunteer association, works diligently with local and state government to increase fishing access, expand fishing opportunities and also operates one of the most successful youth education programs anywhere in the country. By entering the Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament we all benefit as the proceeds go to help JCAA continue its work.

Applications will be mailed to all of last year’s anglers in the upcoming months as soon as the details and prizes are firmed and entry slips will be provided in upcoming issues for new anglers.

If you would like to be a Major Sponsor or contribute to the Tournament please contact Phil Celmer at (609-693-3414), Rich Pasko at (609 971-6120) or Tom Fote at (732-270-9102)


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