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By Greg Kucharewski

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association (December 1999 Newsletter)


The NJBBA was presented the 1998 Youth Education Award at the Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s awards banquet. During 1998, members of the NJBBA promoted the "Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" program at several family fishing events held throughout the state. Past recipients of the Youth Education Award are: Manasquan Fishing Club, Newark Bait and Fly Casters, Clean Ocean Action, and Dr. Eleanor Bochenek, New Jersey Sea Grant.


The Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s, Youth Education Committee has replenished it’s stock of "Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" promotional items. Funds realized through the Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament and a lot of work by JCAA member clubs/organizations made it possible to purchase much needed HOFNOD supplies. If your fishing club/organization is hosting a youth fishing event and would like to promote the "Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" program, please contact the Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s office.

The Future Fisherman Foundation will be hosting two "Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" workshops in New Jersey shortly. If a representative from your fishing club would like to attend a HOFNOD workshop, please contact Greg Kucharewski at P: (732-785-9275) leave message or e-mail: for more information.


Check out this Super Fly Tying download called SuperFly Machine at . When Eli Robillard started fly-tying he looked around for good software to keep track of fly patterns. There were a few but none were very user friendly, most had limited features, and all cost money. Check out the web-site. I am sure you will agree the software fly tying program is cool beans.


Do your kids spend the school holidays saying things like "I'm bored!" or "what can we do now?" Well then, a Student Fishing Club is the answer. It’s easy to start a fishing club at your local school. Many schools throughout New Jersey are promoting outdoor activities such as, saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The first thing to do is research club activities in your school. If your school does not have a fishing club talk to school officials and request assistance in forming a new club. Most schools have members on their Faculty or PTA/PTO parents that have some knowledge of fishing and would volunteer time to get your schools fishing club up and running.


Fishing is a great outlet for students and there is plenty to learn. Students can learn about the environment, state laws, regulations, water safety, and angling techniques. The best thing about fishing is that it’s a non-competitive sport. Students can have fun and relax and it helps them enjoy school and promotes higher self-esteem. Fishing clubs also give students a chance to belong. Youngsters that are not into competitive sports or artistically gifted can participate in fishing programs with little or no difficulty. This is an opportunity for some students who don’t fit into any other type of activities to really get involved. It’s a way of getting the students together as a group and teaches them how to look after each other and be kind to one another.

I remember a group of young girls that participated in a local " Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" program for a fifth grade fishing outing. They found the idea of a school-fishing club intriguing. One young lady stated "I joined the school fishing club because I have fun learning about fishing and going to the ocean to fish with other club members".

Many students join school fishing clubs because they learn about how to target fish that are local to their community and they can share fishing equipment.

Start up expenses for a school fishing club are low because students can use donated equipment or hold a fundraiser to support their clubs activities. Fund Raising Tip: Ask your home economics teacher for a cookie cutter in the shape of a fish. If you have trouble locating a fish cookie cutter at your school ask classmates if they have one at home. You can also purchase a fish cookie cutter at a local appliance store for less than $2.00. Here’s the fastest way to raise funds for your schools fishing club. Cookie Sale! Advertise the date and time of your Fish Cookie Sale on the walls of your school the week before you place the Fish Cookies on sale. Check with the your schools Main Office and remember to have your Fish Cookie Sale approved. Ask the art teacher for some advice about posters and don’t forget to have a theme (e.g. KID’Z HOOKED ON FISHING). Three Fish Cookies for $1.00 is a reasonable price, or you can press out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the cookie cutter and sell them two for $1.00. You will be surprised how soon the profits add up. Use the start up funds to purchase fishing magazines/books, terminal tackle and equipment everyone in your fishing club can share.

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s, Youth Education Committee is asking students to become involved in protecting our aquatic resources. If you would like information about the "HOOKED ON FISHING NOT ON DRUGS" program and support material phone: 732-785-9278. If you are starting a fishing club at your school and need information about protecting our marine resources, please write to the JCAA Youth Education Committee for an informational packet.

It is important that we ask our legislators to support Bill #A2549 The bill supports a slight increase in hunting and fishing license fees to continue state education programs such as; fish derby, urban youth fishing programs, Becoming an Outdoor Woman, and take a kid hunting. You can help by writing to legislative representatives in your district and ask them to support this worthwhile Bill # A2549. Teachers, have your students write to their Assembly Representatives as soon as possible. The children will be the big losers if this Bill is not passed!

The Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee is listed Fisheries and Legislative Report.

Get Involved
Join a club
Attend a meeting
Write a letter

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