President's Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association November 2021 Newsletter)

During our September General Membership meeting, we voted to have our JCAA Sportsperson of the Year Award dinner. Thanks to Paul Haertel, he researched the venues that we could hold it and the best location that was the result of his search is Yesterday’s Family Restaurant in Bayville. Keep in mind that many of the catering venues were booked up because of the backlog of weddings due to the pandemic.

I have been to Yesterday’s for other functions and Yesterday’s will put on a good dinner for us on November 14th and we will definitely enjoy it! You will not go away hungry and there are a lot of good choices for dinner and accompanied by appetizers, salad, soup, pasta, and unlimited soda, coffee, tea, beer and wine! There is more detailed information in this newsletter about dinner prizes and how to order your tickets.

The Fish Hawks have nominated Tony Guadagnino to receive JCAA’s prestigious Sportsperson of the Year Award and the Shore Surf Club has nominated Tim Brennan to receive the JCAA’s Youth Education Award. Written nominations for both of these individuals are included in this newsletter so that you can see why they are receiving their awards at this dinner.

Because of COVID, we had to reluctantly cancel our fluke tournament last year and this summer and, hopefully, the last time we will have to do it. So, let the good times roll with this dinner and enjoy each other’s company! This dinner will give us the opportunity to meet again, face-to-face, like we have done in the past.

On another subject, we have been trying to close the fishing GAP between the time period when the fluke season ends (September 19th) and the black sea bass season begins (October 8th) about a three-week period. During this period, we can catch one blackfish, the stripers usually come in mid-October, and bluefish are around but not the most popular fish for many anglers. Black sea bass stocks are in great shape (up about 240%) and we have been trying to open up fishing for sea bass just after the fluke season ends so that anglers have something to fish for and not wait about 3 weeks until the sea bass season starts.

As an Advisor to the NJ Marine Fisheries Council on sea bass, along with Paul Haertel, we will be attending a ZOOM meeting on October 26th to discuss possible scenarios how we can fill in this Gap with the amount of sea bass that we can catch during this period and their sizes. Any changes to this Gap will be applicable only to 2022. During the time of this writing, I do not have the details yet on this possible change, but I will keep you posted on what happens at this ZOOM meeting in the future.

This is not a done deal by any means, but it is a step in the right direction that we have been advocating for many years!

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