President's Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2021 Newsletter)

Where has the summer gone? Time is moving so fast and we are moving toward the fall season already. A lot has happened during the summer and I hope you enjoyed the fluke season which will be finished before you see this newsletter.

Unfortunately, COVID – 19 and the resulting Delta variant is wreaking havoc in our country and around the world. It has hurt our economy so much and everybody is affected by it. It even affected our September 4th Fluke Tournament that had low entries due to the fear of anglers catching the new Delta virus. With deep disappointment, we were forced to cancel our fluke tournament. We did not reach this decision lightly, but this was a business decision that had to made due to a lower than expected angler turnout. We do not know where this virus is headed and I don’t think anybody does at this point in time.

Paul Haertel ran our Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament on August 5th to 8th and while participating anglers enjoyed it, the response for angler turnout was also lower than anticipated for it due to the virus. However, this did not stop Paul from having a nice Awards Ceremony at the Forked River Tuna Club on August 28th that had good food and even had a band playing music that we all enjoyed! A big Thanks to all who helped to make this event successful that included JCAA members and especially Paul Haertel and his lovely wife, Linda, who helps so much at our JCAA - sponsored events.

In our earlier JCAA newsletter, I announced that we were going to have our September 28th General Membership meeting at the Jersey Coast Shark Anglers Building in Herbertsville. Again, due to spreading of this new Delta strain, we will NOT hold this meeting in the Shark Anglers Building and it will be done by ZOOM. With the emergence of this Delta strain our JCAA Board did not feel comfortable with a public gathering like this and did not want to be held responsible for the spreading of this virus to our members.

During November, we usually hold our Sportsperson of the Year event and it is scheduled for November 14th at Yesterday’s Family Restaurant in Bayville. During our General membership meeting on September 28th by ZOOM, we will ask our club membership if they will attend it and based on the information we receive a decision will be made if we should have it.

Finally, 20 years has passed since the World Trade Centers were destroyed on 9/11. I worked for the Port Authority of NY & NJ and my office was located on the 65th floor of the North Tower. On that fateful day, the jet that struck the North Tower flew directly over my office that began my day in hell. I wrote a column about my experience (in another section of this newsletter) to not only give you some idea of what it was like when this event occurred, but more importantly that it will never be forgotten by us.

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