JCAA 2021 Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament Results

The final results are in and the big winners in the tournament were Walter Fisher’s team who won the tournament with a three fish total of 22.05 lbs. However, it was actually his wife Kim who led the team to victory by catching the largest fluke in the tournament at 10.05 lbs. They swept the fluke Calcuttas and won a total of $7,851. The other big winner was Eric Engard who caught the biggest sea bass in the tournament at 3.05 lbs. His team also swept the sea bass Calcuttas and won a total of $2,101 - not to shabby for a sea bass. Below are the complete results. Thanks to all our sponsors, weigh in stations and participants!

Three Fluke Total

FinsishCaptainTotal Weight
1st placeWalter Fisher22.05 lbs(Won both 3-fluke calcuttas)
2nd placeDanny Nykoforuk17.22 lbs
3rd placeTony Pacitti16.13 lbs
4th placeJason Rawa15.44 lbs
5th placeJeff Jones14.5 lbs

Largest Single Fluke

Walter Fisher10.05 lbs(Won both single-fluke calcuttas)

Largest Sea Bass

Eric Engard3.05 lbs(Won both sea bass calcuttas)
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