President's Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association June 2021 Newsletter)

It is important that recreational anglers have a line of communication with members of the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection so that they are aware of our concerns and consider possible solutions to address them. Assistant DEP Commissioner Ray Bukowski reached out to me and others in the recreational community to have a meeting on May 10th to talk about these issues in a format that was brainstorming in nature with no set agenda that allows for an open discussion.

I have written a summary of this meeting that covers a number of issues that were discussed. By no means does it cover everything we talked about at this two-hour meeting.

I want to THANK Assistant Commissioner Bukowski and his staff for meeting with us! He intends to have similar meetings with other members of the recreational community.

As mentioned in my April President’s Report to you, it is important that we have representatives on important management councils like the Mid-Atlantic Marine Fisheries Management Council (MAMFC) to support the recreational fishing community. I wrote a letter on behalf of the JCAA to support the re-appointment of Adam Nowalsky to this council and below is the letter I wrote for JCAA supporting the nomination of Eleanor Bochenek to the MAMFC.

Finally, the cloud over us with COVID-19 is beginning to lift and hopefully we will be back to normal times in the near future. We will still have to be cautions and are still under restrictions by Governor Murphy, but this dark cloud of COVID-19 is starting to leave us! Thank God!

JCAA Letter in Support of Eleanor Bochenek

Nicholas Pieper April 30, 2021 Fishery Management Council Appointment Process National Marine Fisheries Service
Dear Mr. Pieper:

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association strongly recommends that you appoint Ms. Eleanor Bochenek to the Mid-Atlantic Marine Fisheries Management Council (MAMFC).

To best serve the MAMFC, this position requires a person to have an extensive background with the fishing industry and Eleanor Bochenek certainly possesses this qualification. For example, she presently holds the position of Director, Fisheries Cooperative Center for Rutgers University. In this position, she works directly with commercial and recreational fishing industries concerning their issues. For example, her current and past projects include a hook and line survey to estimate spatial population dynamics of black sea bass, collection of sex, age and length data of commercial and recreational (for-hire) summer flounder landings from Massachusetts to North Carolina. She has an extensive background of doing research projects concerning the biological aspects of various marine species.

She currently is a member of the New Jersey’s Marine Fisheries Council and is attuned to the managerial issues and challenges facing the fishing industry, both recreational and commercial. She has been in this position for over 10 years. She is well spoken and has given numerous lectures to organizations on fishing-related issues. She has earned the respect of her peers as well as well as members of the recreational and commercial communities. Additionally, she is an avid angler and, as such, has hands-on experience with fishing and enjoys it tremendously!

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association strongly recommends your appointment of Eleanor Bochenek to the MAFMC due to her extensive background and experience with the fishing industry. She will be a valuable asset to the MAFMC in its continuing efforts to improve fishing opportunities for all anglers in our country.

Very truly yours, John Toth, President CC: Senators Cory Booker, Robert Menendez CC: Tom Fote, JCAA Legislative Liaison
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