NEW for 2020: JCAA Expansion into the Social Media World!

Capt. Paul Eidman, Habitat & Forage Fish Committee Chairman
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association March 2020 Newsletter)

To keep up with the pace of this rapidly moving world we need to adopt some new tactics. Plain and simple, we need more angler involvement and boots on the ground! There are so many issues that are on the table right now and always that itís hard to keep up with it all at times. In order to keep our sport alive, itís going to require change in the form of increased participation! Yes, we canít do it without you and now is the time to engage.

Over the past decade, the fish world has been taking all of us fisherman in crazy new directions and we know that things on the water are changing rapidly. Jersey Coast Anglers Online is now offering more ways for you to be more involved and to stay aware of everything thatís going on in and around the world of fish, habitat, tactics, legislative issues and much more. Not to worry, much of our ďold schoolĒ stuff will move with us, but itís clearly time to move forward in the virtual world.

Behind the scenes, we have been adding a new interactive website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts and even a news feed! Jersey Coast Anglers Online hopes to become your source for all things fish and more. We are hoping that in addition to increasing membership, we can attract new sponsors and have new improved events, both online and off. Tackle giveaways, fishing tactic sessions, auctions and other ideas are in the works as we speak.

We are hoping to be able to master the ability to have our meetings both in person and online, so folks can attend and participate virtually. Many people care deeply and want to get involved but find that driving to and attending a meeting is just not possible anymore, especially after a long day at work.

You can stay connected in many ways and we encourage you to help us, right from your keyboard, by sharing articles, participating in the conversation and more. The Jersey Coast Anglers Association has something for everyone, regardless of your age. Itís time to learn more about what else the JCAA has to offer and get involved. Fishing tournaments, Dinners and gatherings, Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs, Veterans fishing, and high school fishing programs, Governorís Surf Fishing Tournament and much more.

We are looking for volunteers to step up and help us with this new venture. Please talk with your friends and especially younger people with internet enthusiasm. We need your help more than ever before. Thanks in advance for searching for Jersey Anglers Online and helping the JCAA modernize and become bigger and better than ever before!

Be sure to use the new Hashtag #jerseycoastanglersonline with all your posts.

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