Nominations Sought for New Recreational Electronic Reporting Task Force

NOAA Fisheries News, 11/20/2019
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 2020 Newsletter)

NOAA Fisheries and the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) are pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the new Recreational Electronic Reporting Task Force. This Task Force will provide expert advice to MAFAC, and subsequently NOAA Fisheries Leadership, on the generation, delivery, and use of electronically reported data from private recreational anglers to assist NOAA Fisheries in fulfilling its mission activities. The information provided by the Task Force and MAFAC will assist NOAA Fisheries in fulfilling its central role in providing useable high quality, accurate data on recreational fisheries.

The Task Force will be comprised of approximately 10 individuals who demonstrate subject matter expertise and experience in one or more relevant fields including, but not limited to, sampling statistics, survey methodologies, citizen science, fishery stock assessment science, electronic monitoring or reporting, fisheries management, database development and/or management, mobile technology applications (apps), and marine recreational fishing.

It is not intended that all Task Force members be scientists or researchers, however, other members should have experience with issues related to the generation, delivery, and or use of opt-in electronic data, public attitudes about participating in such programs, or similar ecological self-reporting data systems from which parallels can be drawn. At least one member of MAFAC will serve as a member of the Task Force.

All subject matter experts who meet the membership criteria outlined in the Federal Register Notice are invited to submit nomination materials, and self-nominations are acceptable. Membership is voluntary and, except for any potential reimbursable travel and related expenses, service is without pay. All details are in the Federal Register Notice that published today.

How to submit a nomination: Nominations should be addressed to Heidi Lovett and must be postmarked or have an email date stamp on or before January 21, 2020 (NMFS Office of Policy, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910; or

For more information please contact: Assistant Executive Director, MAFAC or 301-427-8034.

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