President's Report

by Mark Taylor
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 2020 Newsletter)

I hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas, New Year and all other celebrations during that time of the year. As I mention in last month’s JCAA Newsletter, I made phone calls to all the clubs that I had contact numbers for to see who was going to attend the December meeting. After all the phone calls, I made the call to postpone the December meeting because there was not going to be a quorum. Everyone that I talked to were busy with their families preparing for the upcoming holidays which are very important. I always say that family comes first and all other activities second. Because there was no meeting in December the new officers were not voted in to their elected positions. I am asking that all clubs send a representative so this important item can be addressed.

JCAA is looking into using technology so more people can participate and learn up to the minute information. As many of you know, we have a Facebook page which we try to update as information comes in. This page is for civil communications on the issues or topics. This is not a place for individuals to get nasty and argue. JCAA also use an email alert system to get information out too, but we need correct email addresses. If you want to get emails stop by one of the JCAA’s booths at any of the upcoming shows and give your contact information. The newest technology that we are looking into using is webinar meeting type of system. This would be a great step forward in getting those clubs that travel from the ends of New Jersey to attend the monthly meetings an option not to travel every time but still get the important information firsthand. I will be working with the new membership secretary to update all the clubs’ information which as you can see is very important. We will be asking each club to give two names with contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses. We as a group need to be better connected and involved or we as a user group will lose in the end.

If you belong to a Saltwater Fishing Club that fishes the great water off New Jersey and aren’t a member club of Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) but want to, there are several ways to do this. You can call the JCAA Office at 732-506-6565, stop by a JCAA Booth at one of the shows, email JCAA at, or fax to 732-506-6975. We all need to join forces and unite for the issues that affect something we all love, so get involved.

Be on the lookout for the new proposed regulations on Striped Bass which should be out very soon.

Show Time

Time is running out for me putting together the list of volunteers for the upcoming events that JCAA will be at. In order to have enough people to do things right we need you to help. If you are unable to volunteer to work for the whole day, working half the hours is great too. If you can help, contact me ASAP and put in the subject “Name of the Event.”

Jersey Coast Anglers Association will always be there for you, but we need more people to get involved to help protect the future of our fisheries. There is power in numbers.

The next JCAA General Meeting is February 25th at 385 Herbertsville Road, Brick NJ, 08724.
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