President's Report

by Mark Taylor
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association January 2020 Newsletter)

I made phone calls to all the clubs that I had contact numbers for to notify and remind them of the change of date for the December meeting. After making all the phone calls and talking to some people and leaving messages with others, I didn’t get enough response back to have a quorum. I made a decision to cancel the December meeting. There will be a January meeting on the 28th and I hope all the clubs send their representatives because there is some important information that needs to be discussed. I will be asking the representatives that are present to update their club’s information that night. For those clubs that are not at the meeting, I will be working with the new membership secretary to update all the clubs’ information. We will be asking each club to give two names with contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses. We as a group need to be better connected and involved or we as a user group will lose in the end.

There has been some major discussion the last few months on how we can have more clubs get more involved. Some of the board members are looking into some different ideas. If you have any ideas, please let me know because this is your Association and I want you to get involved.

It has been a great honor being elected to serve as your President for the last 2 years. Unfortunately, the by-laws limit the term of President to 2 years. I won’t be going anywhere because I believe in what JCAA is fighting for and is all about. I will continue working hard to make Jersey Coast Anglers Association the best user group in the state of New Jersey. I hope I lived up to your expectations when your club voted for me.

Volunteers and Nominations for 2020 JCAA Officers

We need a quorum present at the January 28th meeting so the clubs can vote on the leadership of JCAA for 2020. There are a few positions that you can fill on the board if you ever thought of becoming more involved in JCAA. Be present and let me know at the meeting if you want to step up. If you don’t want to be a board member and want to get more involved, you can be a volunteer for JCAA. Being a volunteer is just as important.

Show Time

The time is fast approaching for clubs having fishing flea markets and the big shows. I will be putting a list together of volunteers to work for JCAA, so please contact me if you can help out. I will have the signup sheets at the next meeting. JCAA will be having a booth at the following shows:

JCAA had a table at some clubs fishing flea markets last year but as of the time I am writing this article we have not committed to any. If your club is having one and would like to have JCAA there contact me at and put in the subject “Club Fishing Flea Market.”

Jersey Coast Anglers Association will always be there for you, but we need more people to get involved to help protect the future of our fisheries. There is power in numbers.

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