Youth Education Report

by Greg Kucharewski
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association December 2019 Newsletter)
2019 JCAA Youth Education Award

Liz Jackson received the 2019 Youth Education Award at the JCAA Sportsperson of the Year Dinner located at Martell’s Water’s Edge, Bayville, NJ. Liz was nominated by the New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen Clubs and selected by the JCAA Youth Education Committee. Liz also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition by Jerome Townsend, Constituent Advocate for 3rd Congressional District Representative Andy Kim.

We appreciate all the hard work that Liz Jackson and her coworker Alanna Newmark do to teach our young people about NJ HOFNOD, conservation and protecting the environment. It’s not an easy job to organize Group/Leader Training, Instructor Workshops and oversee NJ HOFNOD youth components in fourteen New Jersey counties.

Don Marantz, John Tiedeman, Alanna Newmark, Liz Jackson, Al Marantz From left to right: Don Marantz, John Tiedeman, Alanna Newmark, Liz Jackson, Al Marantz

Since 1986, many organizations and fishing clubs were promoters of HOFNOD and the biggest hurdle experienced was keeping the forward motion of program. Liz does an excellent job of guiding NJ HOFNOD to the next level and moving forward. During May 2019, bill S-3457 was introduced to increase the much-needed funding to sustain NJ HOFNOD into the future.

We see the benefit of a successful NJ HOFNOD program running smoothly, so let’s keep it a priority to get kids involved in the outdoors and not fall victim to drugs and alcohol. Liz and all the NJ HOFNOD volunteers do an amazing job of working with youngsters and growing their programs. Hopefully, bill S-3457 will provide more funds to expand NJ HOFOD.

Kids Fishing Contest

On Friday, November 15th, Dan Dunn, Sunshine Optimist Club President, invited JCAA Youth Education Committee to speak about how to conduct a successful youth fishing contest. Members were excited to learn how to run a successful freshwater fishing event at a local lake in Freehold for kids during the Spring of 2020. We discussed how to utilize materials from Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and Take Me Fishing materials. We explained to the membership about how to recruit experienced anglers that can help support their first youth fishing contest. Members of the JCAA Youth Education Committee will support their event by providing a fishing contest format, loaner rods/reels, printed materials and safety instruction sheets.

Brick Memorial Students Support Play Hook-e Go Fishing

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 12 visited Brick Memorial High School two days after Veterans Day to speak about the Vietnam war and display four tables of artifacts from the war. Brick Memorial High School students from JROTC and NJ “Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs” high school fishing club had a chance to learn about the Vietnam war and hear a few fishing stories. As part of an effort to support veteran’s students from the fishing club sold Play HOOK-e Go Fishing magnets and presented the funds to Ernie Diorio, VVA Chapter 12 Vice President. The membership of VVA Chapter 12 was honored to be recognized and are very proud of our young people that show support for our veterans. Dennis Beauregard, President VVA Shore Area Chapter 12 stated: “We were very impressed by how students recognized our service and cared enough to donate to our Play HOOK-e from PTSD program.”

We look forward to working with Brick Memorial High School Fishing Club NJ HOFNOD again next year. VVA Chapter 12 Executive Board and members voted to offer a contribution of $500 to Brick Memorial High School Fishing Club to promote their NJ Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs fishing program.

Opening of the Manasquan Inlet

Veterans and their guests are welcome to come view a 1931 film about The Opening of the Manasquan Inlet. We will meet on Thursday, December 12, 2019, 6:45pm at VFW Post 2226, 212 Norwood Ave., Oakhurst, NJ.

The program is geared towards Veterans struggling with PTSD & TBI but all Veterans and their families are welcome to attend. The goal is to connect veterans and their families to VA Service Offices/Outreach Centers, NJ Coastal Parks, Fishing Clubs, Veteran Organizations, and help Veteran men and women take time to heal by utilizing eco-therapy to limit PTSD symptoms.

Attendees will view a short film about how the Manasquan Inlet was redirected during 1931. We will also discuss how and where to fish along both sides of the inlet.

Refreshments, door prizes, and welcome bags for veterans and family members.

Greg K, Shore Surf Club President, Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s Youth Education Chair, and Member # 164 New Jersey Beach Buggy Association will be the speaker. To Register: Phone: 732-785-9278 or email for more veteran fishing opportunities go to this link .

NJ HOFNOD Mi-Jo Party Boat Trip

We thank Liz Jackson for inviting our Play HOOK-e veterans to fish on the Mi-Jo party boat out of Atlantic Highlands to fish with youngsters from the NJ HOFNOD program.

If you would like to become a certified NJ HOFNOD instructor, please contact Liz Jackson, NJ DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife, Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs, 605 Pequest Road, Oxford, NJ 07683 908-637-4125 x122. Visit the NJ HOFNOD website to view a group near you.

Youth Fishing News

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s Youth Education Committee is asking JCAA member clubs/organizations for a listing of scheduled youth and family events that are going to be held by your club or organization during 2020.

he purpose of this request is to alert other fishing clubs and organizations that would like to participate in your youth and family event. The JCAA Newspaper is a way to get the word out about what’s happening in your club. Use this opportunity to inform others about events your fishing club/organization is doing to promote fishing. Show season is fast approaching, please let us know if your club will have a booth at a show and we will include it in our youth education report.

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