Jersey Coast Statement on
Offshore Drilling

Press Conference Statement, 3/22/2019
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association May 2019 Newsletter)

I am speaking to you today as a board member of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association and as a small business owner of Reel Therapy fishing charters right here in Monmouth County. I fish these waters right behind us.

In addition to JCAA’s mission to protect recreational fishing, we have also always had a commitment to protecting the marine environment from any negative impact. Anglers continue to see the impacts of global warming and what it is doing to many of our gamefish and related species. We have always supported renewable energy and are actively involved in the responsible development of offshore wind power for this very reason.

Drilling for oil or natural gas along any state on the East coast represents a clear and present danger to our fisheries. Drilling for oil or natural gas near the coast of New Jersey puts critical economic drivers at risk and we strongly oppose Seismic testing, natural gas and oil exploration or drilling of any kind.

New Jersey is the home of one of the largest saltwater recreational fishing industries in the nation, it supports over 16,000 jobs and generates nearly $1.5 billion dollars in statewide economic impacts.

Our concerns are shared by generations of fishermen along the New Jersey shore, especially those, like mine, whose livelihoods depend on clean coastal waters; and by the small businesses that rely on tourism to earn a family wage and to create jobs.

The risks are far too great to open our coasts to drilling. Giving short-term gains for the oil companies represents permanent loss for the fishing community.

The thought of an oil spill along our coast is terrifying and would put our Jersey shore and many fishermen out of business permanently. Protect our coast, protect our fish and KILL THE DRILL TODAY!

Thank you, Capt. Paul Eidman
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