Fluke and Sea Bass
Regulations Pending

by Paul Haertel
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 2019 Newsletter)

At the joint ASMFC/MAFMC meeting on March 6, members of the council and the ASMFC’s Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Management Board voted for status quo measures for fluke for the 2019 season. At a previous meeting they had also voted for status quo measures for sea bass. New Jersey and other states are restricted to only making slight changes from their 2018 regulations. Therefore, it is anticipated that the NJMFC will adopt the following regulations for fluke and sea bass at their next meeting. There may be a special meeting to do this in April but it has not been scheduled at the time of this writing. Once the meeting date is set, it will be posted on our Facebook page so please check there for the particulars.

Sea Bass - 10 fish at 12.5” from 5/15 – 6/22, 2 fish at 12.5” from 7/1 – 8/31, 10 fish at 12.5” from 10/8 – 10/31 and 15 fish at 13” from 11/1 – 12/31

Fluke – A season 5/24 – 9/21 (We anticipate that it will open one day earlier so that it opens on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and also close one day earlier.) 3 fish at 18” for all marine waters except 3 fish at 17” for Delaware Bay and tributaries and 2 fish at 16” for Island Beach State Park.

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