President's Report

by Mark Taylor
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2018 Newsletter)

As the weather is starting to change and fishing seasons opening or closing, I hope everyone had a great and safe summer. There are a lot of things that have been happening that could affect the recreational fishing community. I hope all of you are following the issues by all different media sources. JCAA has been trying to build an email alert system for things like this.

If you want to get the most current issue alerts, send me your email address to and state that you would like to be added. We also have been putting things up on our Facebook page. If you didnít know about it check it out and follow it.

One of the issues is the Wind Mill Project in which JCAA sent in a letter back in July during the comment period which you can see a copy on our Facebook page.

At the JCAA meetings before the comment period I asked that you and your clubs send in a letter which I hope you did. We want to be at the table during this process and not in the back of the room. Another issue was the bluefish allocation, where basically they were looking to reduce the quotas for recreation and increase the commercial. There was a bill signed by Governor Murphy back in August that would allocate 1.2 million dollars to the Division of Fish and Wildlife to hire qualified personnel which has not been given. This money is much in need to perform tasks that are not being done. We all need to call the Governorís office and tell him to release these funds so they can hire people to do the necessary tasks needed to defend New Jersey Anglers.

The NJ Marine Fisheries Council has an open position with the resignation of Councilman Joe Zaborowski because he is moving out of state. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. JCAA will be talking about this at the next meeting September 25th, so have your club representative there. We need to act on this so we as recreational fishermen have a voice.

For those of you that participated in this yearís Annual Fluke Tournament, I thank you. It comes with a lot of memories for all that participated and those that didnít. There were a lot of fish caught and three fish over ten pounds. One of the fish was over the 12 pound mark but unfortunately that individual did not enter that category for $50,000. We also had one of our entries do a heroic thing by responding to a mayday of a vessel in distress at the Cape May Reef. The angler was Ray Trainor. We should all take a chapter out of his book to stop fishing and respond to fellow anglers in need. If youíre in trouble you would want someone to respond.

The Sportsperson of the Year Dinner will be held on November 11th at Crystal Pt. Yacht Club in Pt. Pleasant. I would like to see more clubs being represented at this event so get your table tickets.

JCAA will have a booth at upcoming shows and we will be looking for volunteers, so contact me.

If you would like me to speak at your club, please send an email to and in the subject put ďSpeak at Club.Ē

Remember, JCAA is always here for you, but we need more people to get involved.

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