HRFA Nominates Arnie Ulrich for the JCAA Sportsperson of the Year Award

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association July 2018 Newsletter)

There is no other more deserving person than Arnie Ulrich for the JCAA Sportsperson of the year award. This HRFA member has been a super-active participant from the year he joined in 1979! Arnie has held every office except treasurer including the maximum three years as our leader and president. Probably most importantly, he has served as our membership secretary for many years and has literally enrolled thousands of members over the years not to mention keeping accurate tabs on those late with dues and getting timely renewal notices out every year.

Arnie also is a major organizer of fishing trips for both association members and their friends. He is responsible for annual trips to fish for cod, pollack, and haddock in Maine and has yearly local trips usually run out of Belmar for fluke, blackfish and flounder in their appropriate seasons. The man is an expert angler for all of these species with stripers and bluefish also in his bag of tricks. Arnie has frequently been a guest speaker for our group and others where he gives great advice to new anglers seeking to up their scores. His selfless and generous donation of time to the HRFA and NJ fishing in general probably exceeds any other person qualified for this superb honor.

Arnie Ulrich has represented the HRFA at the regular and special meetings of the JCAA. He has attended countless meetings all over the state that are in the best interests of salt water anglers from both New York and New Jersey. His love for the Hudson River is doubtless as sincere as his commitment to the HRFA and all the other fishing groups he supports. He has received HOFNOD training and is always helping kids such as our Hooked on the Hudson spring function where he cuts bait and helps the kids rig up.

Arnie is the most likeable man in the HRFA. He always has a smile and easy-going attitude that makes him a go-to guy whenever a project or campaign needs leadership. He has been in charge of our awards dinners on many occasions and also has been a key computer expert for our annual December HRFA auction. Heís served on nominating committees, bylaws committees, and many groups and functions.

If there is a contest or function run by the club or JCAA, you can count on Arnie to participate. He just served as the Jersey City port weigh master for the 2017 fluke tournament where one of our members caught the biggest fluke of all. If his help or participation was needed for our Hudson River Striper/bluefish derby, Lake Ontario catfish chaos contest, or ASAC tournaments, Arnie will be involved every time!

His value to the club has always been recognized as proven by our most cherished internal award, the Pete Barrett plaque, which was earned soon after the award originated. If the HRFA had a Hall of Fame like pro baseball, Arnie would be one of the original six inducted for at least six admirable traits that make him so deserving; loyalty, dedication, angling skills, longevity, organization, and pure hard work.

Arnie serves as NJOA membership secretary. The result is a more efficient system, current membership listings, timely renewal notices, timely responses to new members. (Same as he has done for the HRFA)

Arnie has consistently volunteered at NJOA events such as the Wild-game dinner and sportsman's shows.

He has and continues to work in the background providing the support needed to successfully complete projects such as "Pots off the Reefs," HODNOD and the Sparta Mountain issue.

Regarding the JCAA Fluke Tournament in Jersey City, Arnie volunteers, however, he is also the driver that makes it happen. Again he is working in the background.

With respect to being the JCAA rep. for the HRFA; few people appreciate the effort involved. For the JCAA, Arnie drives 2 to 3 hours for a 90 minute meeting.

Meeting attendance is important. Not only does it keep the HRFA involved in current issues, it also supports the JCAA so that it can continue to fight for NJ Anglers. Recently, Arnie volunteered to be the HRFA representative to the NJ Federation of Sportsmenís Clubs. HRFA is one of the original contributors to HOH (Hooked on the Hudson) and still involved.

The HRFA proudly nominates Arnie Ulrich for this prestigious award.

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