Memoriam of Noel Angelucci

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association May 2018 Newsletter)

There is saying that many of us know and that is: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” When I first met Noel, I judged him too quickly due to his appearance. As many of you who have been acquainted with Noel, he dressed very informally and his bushy hair always seemed to need a comb to it.

I believe I first met Noel (born on Christmas Day and that is how he got his first name), I think it was about 10 years ago and we were trying to get rid of Senator Karcher and Assemblyman Panter for trying to stuff the Fish & Game Council with a lot of those animal rights activists and I saw him at one of those meetings. I looked at him and I thought who is this guy and how is he going to contribute to this important effort. Well, when somebody asked a question about a certain piece of legislation, Noel whips out his phone and with a little bit of scrolling belts out the exact status of this legislation! I thought to myself that this guy is really on the ball and he has a heck of a lot to contribute!

Noel showed up at a number of those management type meetings and was always well prepared with the issues at hand. He asked common-sense type of questions to fishing managers and all of us respected him for his presence at these meetings. We knew that Noel always had the best interests of us recreational anglers at heart.

Noel was always fun to be around and he had a good sense of humor. I always enjoyed his company and we often had a good laugh about something. Quite honestly, I did not have the opportunity to really get to know Noel, but I really liked him! When I heard of his untimely death, I took it hard and felt in the dumps all day. I even told my wife how badly I took this terrible news. Not only me, but everyone I talked to about Noel’s passing said “OH NO” and then mentioned how sad and shocked they were about losing him.

Noel in many ways touched all of us in some ways and I am not sure he even realized how much we respected and admired him. Rest in Peace, Noel!

Noel served his country in the US Army, was President of the Fortescue Anglers Club, he was his club’s representative to the JCAA, member of the Bluefish Advisory Commission and a member of the South Jersey Salt Water Anglers.

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