President's Report

by Bruce Smith

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association September 2006 Newsletter)

Fifteenth Annual State of New Jersey Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament

Sunday, October 1, 2006 at Island Beach State Park.

The Annual Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport of surf fishing and to enjoy a great family activity.

The entry fee is $10 for adults over Age18, $5 for Ages 13-17 and free for Ages 12 and under if post- marked by September 9, 2006.

Tournament Pamphlets and entry forms are avail-able at bait and tackle stores.

Registration is permitted on the day of the tournament at Pavilion #1 IBSP after 5:00 AM.

The Day of Tournament Registration Fees are:   Age 18 and older; $15;  Ages  13 –17,  $5.

Fishing begins at 6:30 AM and ends at 1:00 PM

with Raffle Drawings 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM and the Awards Ceremony at 2:00 PM.

If you would like to measure fish and to serve as a judge, E-mail Reb Gilliland < reb@rebsrods.com>.

Visit www.njfishandwildlife.com  for more info.



Associate clubs in good standing are encouraged to submit, in writing, their nomination for Sportsperson of the Year Award.  The letter of nomination  should include details of the nominee’s activities that have contributed to the improvement of recreational fishing.

Letters may be mailed to the JCAA office or hand-delivered to the September 26, 2006 General Meeting by your club representative. Representatives in attendance will vote on the nominees at the October 10th General Meeting.

The successful nominee will receive the Sportsperson of the Year Award at the Awards Dinner at  Crystal Point Marina on Sunday, November 19th..  Clubs will be mailed Dinner tickets in the near term. 

We are still in need of raffle and door prize items.


ASMFC / MAMFC Fluke, Black Sea Bass Meeting

A delegation of ten JCAA past presidents and current Board of Directors members attended the recent joint ASMFC / MAFMC Fluke, Black Sea Bass and Bluefish Meeting in Philadelphia on August 2nd.  Several of them spoke to express the position of our member clubs in strong opposition to the 2007 fluke catch limit of 5.2 M lbs. proposed by the NMFS and to encourage the Councils to adopt a 19.9 M to 23 M Lbs. TAL quota for 2007 in defiance of NMFS. 

NJ Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. attended the fluke session and addressed the joint councils. He presented a letter dated August 1st that was addressed to the chairmen of both councils and         signed by New Jersey Congressmen Pallone and  Jim Saxton and Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez.  (Copy of the letter is enclosed)

Congressman Pallone’s statement reflected his     knowledge of the marine fishery and particularly        the economic importance of summer flounder  to both the recreational and the commercial fishing communities and to the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey anglers. He urged adoption of a reasonable, more lenient, TAL that would not wreak havoc upon all New Jersey fishing communities.

Thank you Congressman Pallone for being there and for standing up for us.

There were the usual criticisms that the MRFSS survey is deficient at best.  There was an often repeated theme that reliable empirical data and anecdotal evidence from the recreational and the commercial professionals are ignored by the scientists.  It was suggested that the councils find a way to utilize this valuable information.

           Member clubs are encouraged to make sure that they have current contact information on file with the JCAA office.  This includes e-mail contacts as well as phone contacts of club delegates and go-to persons. Please send an e-mail to Tom Fote at tfote@jcaa.org   with info updates or additions.


The Outdoor Recreation Alliance Funding Innitiative For Fiscal Year (Fy) 2007 For Divisions Of Fish And Wildlife And Parks And Forestry Is Fully Operational.

The Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA) represents over 45 statewide environmental organizations, sportsmen’s groups, affordable housing advocates and environmental justice advocates working to secure a long-term stable source of funding for capital projects and operation, maintenance, stewardship and acquisition of New Jersey’s state and local parks and natural heritage conservation.

There will be a Public Question on the November 7, 2006 General Election Ballot.  The purpose of this referendum is to create a stable source of funding for improvements and facilities for recreation and conservation purposes, etc.

You will be seeing and hearing a lot about this in the next few months.  For more information on the ORA, including a list of member organizations, please visit www.outdoorrecreationalalliance.org .

One of the objectives of ORA is to obtain increased appropriations for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Divisions of Fish and Wildlife and Parks and Forestry and the Office of Natural Resources Restoration in the state budget.



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