Animal Rights Organization Under Fire

Trenton Times Friday March 5th 2004

J.B. Kasper

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 2004 Newsletter)

Two new commercials that recently aired on national television are putting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the leading animal rights organization in the country, on the defensive.

While sportsmen have been sparring with the animal-rights advocates for years, this time it's not the sportsmen who are leading the fight to take PETA's tax exempt status away. It's the consumer advocate organization Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) which is leading the charge.

Not only is the CCF running TV commercials, but it is also hosting an Internet petition, one that demands the government take away the tax-exempt status. It garnered over 10,000 signatures in its first few days.

Since PETA pays no federal income taxes, American taxpayers provide the group with more than $3 million in subsidies every year.

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that an organization has used television ads to bring to light what organizations like PETA have been getting away with for years. I first saw them several weeks ago and when I saw them I thought to myself, it's about time someone has started to fight back.

The first of CCF's television commercials features a young woman describing how she teaches her children to love and respect animals, but adds that PETA's views go to extremes.

The second claims PETA oppose animal testing for leukemia, multiple sclerosis and AIDS cures.

According to the Web site, "In its IRS filings, PETA has admitted funneling over $70,000 to a convicted arsonist who burned down a Michigan State University research lab."

"PETA supports domestic terrorism and fosters the development of animal rights felons," claims CCF director of research David Martosko "Tax-exempt charities are supposed to conduct themselves in a lawful fashion, but PETA hasn't lived up to its end of the bargain. The IRS is already investigating PETA, and it should definitely derail this radical group's tax-free gravy train. It doesn't deserve the sort of tax break enjoyed by churches and universities."

To view the anti-PETA TV commercials or to sign the petition, visit the Center for Consumer Freedom's website at www.ConsumerFreedom.com. The Center for Consumer Freedom is "a non-profit coalition supported by restaurants, food companies, and consumers working together to promote personal responsibility and protect consumer choices."

A footnote to this story is simply this: All too often people who are not sportsmen seem to think that the animal-rights organizations' agendas won't affect them. The CCF, while some of their members may be sportsmen, is not a sportsmen's organization. It's made up of consumers, businesses and food companies, and it's a good bet that many of the people signing the petition are not sportsmen as well.

Seems that more than sportsmen are starting to see the light when it comes to PETA and other organizations like them. Animals were put on this earth to serve man, not the other way around. NOTE:

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