Youth Education Report

by Greg Kucharewski

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association June 2003 Newsletter)



Fishing and Boating is the Spotlight at the 6th National Summit On Fatherhood, GAITHERSBURG, MD (April 29, 2003) - National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) and Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) have partnered to bring an interactive fishing and boating event to the 6th National Summit on Fatherhood, which will take place from June 11-13, 2003 at the Hyatt Regency, Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The RBFF will sponsor an Exhibit Hall Luncheon where they will demonstrate segments of their "Passport to Fishing and Boating" program. The Passport is an easy-to-use, event-based program that effectively teaches participants the basics of recreational boating and fishing.  Developed by RBFF with a team of aquatic educators, the program provides fun, interactive activities to introduce youth and families to basic skills and information.  The Passport program consists of hands-on activities that cover topics such as casting, boating safety, and fish identification and handling.  The Passport Program was designed to be easy to use and understand and can be delivered by lay volunteers.  The purpose of the demonstration is to give NFI's Summit attendees, who work with fathers and families across the country, new ideas to take back to their communities to facilitate family bonding through those wholesome recreational activities.  In a 2002 RBFF survey, Americans chose fishing and boating as the #1 leisure activities for spending quality time with their families.  "Fishing and boating are as central to American culture as apple pie and baseball.  Most everyone can think of wonderful, warm images of dads and their children fishing, like television’s Sheriff Taylor and Opie talking about life on the creek bank, or personal memories of you and your dad or children.  Regardless, fishing and boating provide a lifetime of memories and create strong family bonds.  The fact that these activities will have a presence at this year's Summit only further validates their central place in today's family," said Bruce Matthews, president of RBFF.  RBFF was awarded with a 2002 Fatherhood Award by NFI at the 5th National Summit. The "Passport to Fishing and Boating" demonstration will take place on Thursday, June 12, 2003 and is free-of-charge for all Summit attendees.  To learn more about the 6th National Summit on Fatherhood, the "Passport to Fishing and Boating" event, and the Fatherhood Awards Gala, and for registration and hotel details, visit www.fatherhood.org. The public can also call 301-948-0599.  Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation's mission is to increase participation in recreational boating and fishing and thereby increase public awareness and appreciation of the need for protecting, conserving, and restoring our nation's aquatic natural resources.  Their Water Works Wonders initiative was developed to promote boating and fishing as unmatched leisure activities for connecting with family, friends, and the natural environment.


Members of the JCAA Youth Education Committee and NJ Chapter 12 Vietnam Veterans will present a fishing fun day for the children attending the Fort Monmouth Fishing Fun Day on Wednesday, June 11, 2003.  Activities for the day will include: “Water Works Wonders” Fish Identification Flash Cards, Boat Safety, HOFNOD and a variety of tackle demonstrations.  Children will learn about National Fishing and Boating Week and how to take advantage of the many fishing and boating opportunities in Monmouth and Ocean County. 


On Friday, May 16, 2003 the JCAA Youth Education Committee will host a “Water Works Wonders” Passport to Fishing and Boating casting and watershed activity for students attending the Lanes Mill School Reading Rally.  Dr. Eleanor Bochenek will provide copies of her book Young Peoples Guide to Fishing to each classroom. 


The Future Fisherman Foundation’s “Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs” Certified Instructor Training Program will be presented by Wayne Tonnenson, NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife Conservation Officer at Assunpink WMA Conservation Center May 24, 2003.  Attendees will learn about the following: HOFNOD workshop goals, creating corporate state and local partnerships, feature components of a HOFNOD program, fish biology/environmental education and life skills, instructor responsibilities, let’s go fishing rules and equipment maintenance, and program administration.  Instructors will lean how to present the following activities: fish scale tale, knot tying, backyard bass casting can exercise, (G yotaku) Japanese fish printing, and drawing the big picture self-esteem activity.   Adults attending the training will receive a HOFNOD training certificate and personal registration number. JCAA members are encouraged to participate in the training if they conduct Youth Education programs or fishing events.  For more information please contact Wayne Tonnensen, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, lead contact person for the FFF HOFNOD program in New Jersey 609-259-2120 or NJHOF-NOD@JUNO.COM



The JCAA Youth Education Committee will conduct fish printing classes during National Fishing and Boating Week.  Materials from the Future Fisherman Foundation and Water Works Wonders will be distributed to kickoff National Fishing and Boating Week 2003.  Rubber fish molds will be used to demonstrate (G yotaku) Japanese fish printing.  Fish printing is a fun activity for children and adults that can also be used to identify fish and sea creature anatomy.  The fish printing materials will be available to borrow from the JCAA lending library.  please send all requests for equipment/materials forms to: e-mail address: Gkucharews@aol.com


Hudson River Fishermen's Association, New Jersey Chapter out did themselves again this year by conducting another successful youth and family fishing fun day.  There were many happy winners on Saturday, May 2, 2003.  Every angler was a winner because the fishing tournament was FREE with FREE fishing instruction and FREE bait, along with several FREE prizes.  Sixty-eight fish were caught and released.  The Hudson River Fishermen's Association did another fine job of promoting family fishing.  Check out their web site for a list of the prize winners:http://users.nac.net/chasstamm/hrfanjorg/hookedon.htm#Fishing Contest


You’ve got to try these new crab traps called CrabHawk.  We received a donation of two CrabHawk traps that are easy to use especially for youngsters and novice crabbers just learning how to crab.

Veteran anglers that would like to harvest Calico Crabs from the beach for Stripers or Blackfish can also use the new CrabHawk.   It's the latest in crabbing and is a big hit because it "Gets you out where the BIG ONES lay!"  The greatest thing is that it's "crab friendly,” unlike snares that rip the legs off when you pull too quick or to hard.  It doesn't hurt the crab and you can release the crab without ever touching them.  The CrabHawk is an exciting way of crabbing and fishing at the same time.  Using a medium rod/reel/line combo, you cast/drop the CrabHawk out "where the BIG ONES lay" away from all the other people with ring/pots fighting for space and for the same crab.  You get out where there's no competition but yourself.  The CrabHawk automatically opens when it's thrown/dropped or when it hits the bottom and it always lands right-side up.  It's great for boaters as it allows access to deeper water with the coils of rope and is easy to store in the hold or cabin using little space.

The CrabHawk was designed with the sport fisherman in mind.  You'll know when crabs are eating the bait, because the bait-pole is attached directly to your line.  When the crab eats or attempts to take the bait, the bait-pole moves, causing action on your rod tip - just like fishing!  It's awesome to watch and react to.  Nothing like plunking or waiting for time to go by to check the traps/rings to see if you have anything.......you'll know right away! People that see or try the CrabHawk love what it does and the results it produces! It draws AWESOME attention whenever it is used!  I know our readers would like to see something new that works!  Get ready for the upcoming crabbing/fishing season.  For more information contact: Steven DeMars (360) 537-9429  e-mail: Steve2d@aol.com   or crabhawk@wcn.net .