President's Report

by Tom Siciliano

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association June 2003 Newsletter)

I cannot believe that the 9th Annual JCAA Fluke Tournament is just around the corner and I donít even have my boat in the water.  You still have time to sign up for this premier event of the Fluke fishing season.  If your entry is postmarked before June 2nd you will save the late entry fee.  This yearís tournament boasts even bigger prizes and more of them.  First prize this year is up 20% to $1200 sponsored by Trump Marina Hotel Casino and second prize has been generously raised to $750 by Boaterís World.  There are 8 other great prizes for each of the 12 ports.  So sign up now and enjoy a great day of fishing on June 14th and then join us at Trumpís Marina on Friday, June 20th for the awards ceremony and a chance at the Grand Prize of a Cobia Boat with a Yamaha Outboard and LoadRite Trailer worth $32,000.  Will the Grand Prize winner this year break the tradition of not having weighed in a winning fish?  In addition to the Grand Prize drawing there will be lots of other door prizes.  

            One of the goals that I set for my Presidency is to increase the number of member clubs in JCAA.  I need your help to achieve this goal.  I feel that communication is the key to achieving this goal.  First, I need the member clubs to send a representative to the monthly JCAA meetings.   To assist in the communication I would ask that the club Presidents and the JCAA representative send me an email at toms6262@comcast.net .  I will then set up a distribution list to alert you of important issues.  This will allow us to react quickly when a threat to our fishing arises.  The JCAA is your organization and is only as strong as the member clubs that comprise it.  By working together we can make each other stronger.  We can build relationships with other clubs and be an even stronger force in Trenton.  We will carry your message to the legislators but we all need to understand the issues and come to consensus on the course of action that JCAA will take.  We are a bottom-up organization and need your input.  Second, I need you to identify clubs in your area that are not members of the JCAA so that we can reach out to them and explain who the JCAA is and how by working together we can help each other.  If you know of a club, please let me know and I will be happy to attend one of their meetings and talk about what we can do together.

            Itís not too soon to think about the JCAA Sportsperson of the year.  Who will you nominate this year?  Put the afternoon of November 9th aside for a great time to bring your spouse to a fishing-related dinner dance.  This way she gets to dance and you get to talk to your buddies about fishing.  As usual there will be some great prizes and a well known guest speaker, even though it will be tough to top last yearís winner and speaker, Ray Marione and Governor McGreevey.  Ray was the sportsperson of the year and the Governor was the guest speaker in case you werenít there.

            On to the fishing.  The question has been asked where are the big fish?  I was in Easton, Maryland last week and know where one big fish is.  It is waiting to be made into a beautiful mount.  I saw a boat come in from the Chesapeake with a 53 inch, 53 Ĺ pound Striped Bass.  And you thought that there were only small fish in the Chesapeake.  I also heard of a 55 pound Striped Bass caught in the Hudson River up near Newburg.  There are big fish around but they are hard to come by.  That is what makes a trophy.  If there were a lot of big fish and everyone could catch them, they would not be considered much of a challenge.

            Keep your line tight, let the little ones go and some of the big ones too, and don't forget to sign up for the JCAA Annual Fluke Tournament.

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