JCAA 2003 Fluke Tournament

Bigger And Better Port Prizes for 2003 !

by Phil Celmer

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association June 2003 Newsletter)



One, over  $110,000 in cash and prizes!!! 

Two, a great day of fishing fun with family and friends! 

Three, a gala awards celebration at Trump Marina Hotel Casino! 

Four, twelve ports to fish from -- each with a $1,200 first prize! 

Five, an evening at fun-filled Atlantic City!  

Six, your chance to win a Yamaha-powered Cobia fishing boat with a LoadRite Trailer! 

Seven, a drawing for more door prizes than you can shake a graphite rod at! 

Eight, a chance to take five of your friends or family fishing!

Nine, 120 fabulous port prizes! Ten chances to win at each port. Odds like this you wonít see in Vegas  

Ten, youíll be helping the Jersey Coast Anglers Association fight to protect your fishing rights and the marine environment!


How many times in recent years have you read about the Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) lobbying in Trenton, Washington, or in the trenches at public hearings, standing up for anglers like you?  JCAA.  The name pops up almost daily in newspapers and fishing magazines around the state.  It makes you feel good to know we have such a strong group of knowledgeable people united in battle on your behalf, doesnít it?  Do you ever wonder how much it costs to keep the pressure on fisheries managers, politicians and lobbyists from the commercial fishing industry? How about the polluters and agencies that conspire to damage the ocean in the name of economic gain or political expediency? IT COSTS A LOT! Even for an all-volunteer group like JCAA.  How many times have you thought about joining JCAA or making a donation to help the cause but didnít get around to it?  Well, hereís your chance to help and have fun in the process. And youíll have a great chance of winning one of hundreds of cash and product prizes from our generous sponsors who know that what JCAA does is especially critical to the saltwater angler.


The Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament is the largest boat-fishing tournament on the East Coast, with $110,000 in cash and prizes.  Last year, over 3,500 anglers fishing from more than 1000 boats from twelve ports along the Jersey shore participated and all had a ball doing it.  Itís the only tournament that gives you a shot at winning the Grand Prize Ė a $32,000 fishing boat package - without having to catch a single fish!  Thatís because the Grand Prize winner is selected by drawing at the awards ceremony sponsored by Trump Marina Hotel Casino in exciting Atlantic City. Fishing, prizes, Atlantic City, support the resource...not only sounds like fun...it is!


The proceeds go to support JCAAís work done on behalf of hundreds of thousands of saltwater anglers in New Jersey and neighboring states.  From stopping the decimation of eels in our rivers and bays, to reducing the over-harvest of bunker in state waters or supporting the artificial reef program by telling the true story that subway cars will enhance our reefs, JCAA is always working to champion the cause of marine anglers.  Do you know why Striped Bass fishing is better than it was twelve years ago?  I know, because the JCAA and supporting memberships worked to keep Striped Bass as a game fish, assuring reasonable fisheries management measures and fighting to stop sand mining and toxic dumping in the ocean. Every penny this major fundraising event generates is well spent on your behalf.  The JCAA needs your help all year long, but what better way to show you care than by entering this great spring fishing tournament.


You say you wonít be able to fish that weekend?  Enter anyway. You would be surprised at the number of anglers who register and donít fish. They just want to support the efforts of the JCAA and still have a chance at winning the Grand Prize and one of the many valuable door prizes.  Simply enter and you are still eligible to attend the awards ceremony in Atlantic City on June 20th and win!



This event is actually twelve mini-tournaments in one.  Each weigh-station has its own set of prizes for the heaviest fluke brought to the scales including $1,200 cash for first place, donated by Trump Marina Hotel Casino for 10 of the ports, Fisherman Headquarters for one and New Jersey Angler Magazine for another; a $750 gift certificate for second, donated by Boaterís World; a $450 Icey-Tek Cooler gift certificate for third; a fourth prize consisting of a Hi-Seas product package valued at $400, a fifth place consisting of a Reel Saver lubrication package and Mitchell rod and reel, plus a $100.00 Fisherman Headquarters gift certificate; a sixth place Raymarine L473 Fishfinder: a seventh place Fenwick SSGT76H rod and Abu Garcia 6500CL reel combo; an eighth place Canyon Gear International Luggage set packed with fishing stuff; ninth a Lightening Jackís marine gift package and tenth a Fisherman Magazine fishing book collection.  Thatís a total of 120 port prizes! But there is more, much more!  Contestants register in one of twelve ports from Jersey City to Fortescue, each with easy access weigh-stations.  You compete only against those boats registered in that port for the generous list of port prizes.


Once again, Trump Marina Hotel Casino has opened its arms and its pocketbook to help us and we canít thank them enough!  We hope you will remember they are concerned about your fishing and the ocean environment any time you are heading to Atlantic City because we sure do! This year the JCAA wishes to welcome the support of our new sponsors Icy-Tek Coolers, Hi-Seas products and Pure Fishing and thank all our sponsors for their generous donations.  Come and view the Cobia boat that is to be given away at Lightening Jackís marina in Brick, New Jersey. Also back are our friends at Yamaha Outboards, Cobia Boats, Boaterís World, LoadRite Trailers, Reel Saver, The Fisherman Magazine, The New Jersey Angler Magazine, Canyon Gear International, and a host of other companies to help make this yearís event the biggest, best and most fun to date. 



In addition to your chance to win any of the port prizes by using your fishing skills, every boat entered has a shot at winning the Grand Prize fishing boat and a host of door prizes.  These will be given away as part of a huge drawing at the gala awards ceremony hosted by Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City on June 20, 2003.  At least one member from your crew must be present for you to win these prizes.  There will be plenty of fun at the awards ceremony and you will have a chance to meet the JCAA volunteer staff.  The Grand Prize will be on display along with dozens of door prizes; T-shirts will be available; Come meet the representatives from Cobia, Yamaha, Raymarine, Boaterís World, Icey-Tek Coolers, Pure Fishing, Hi-Seas, Reel Saver, The Fisherman Magazine, Canyon Gear, New Jersey Angler Magazine and other sponsors. Port prizes will be presented at the event by our master of ceremonies, Gary Caputi.


The management of Trump Marina Hotel Casino is ready to welcome all tournament entrants to come and enjoy their fantastic facilities. Come before 3PM and get a food discount coupon compliments of the Casino.  Want to make a night or weekend out of it? Trumps Marina Hotel Casino has set aside a limited number of specially priced rooms for contestants.  For reservations call 1-800-777-8477 and mention you are coming for the Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament and refer to group code: Fluke 03.


Complements of the Recreation Boating and Fishing Foundation we have added something new for National Fishing and Boating Week.  When you sign in at the JCAA registration table, each boat entry will receive one Water Works Wonders Family Fun Fishing and Boating Coupon Book.  The Coupon Book is an attractive 72-page booklet containing 30 manufacturersí coupons and six family fun coupons totaling over $4,000 in potential discounts, prizes and special offers for products and services.



Entry fee for this yearís event will be $100 per boat until June 2nd.  After June 2nd the entry fee will be $120 per boat. The last opportunity to sign up is at any of the weigh stations on the evening of June 13th, 2002, the night before the tournament.  Each boat is permitted up to six anglers.  Remember, all weigh-stations have additional entry forms or you can have them mailed to you by calling the JCAA office at 732-506-6565. Fax us at 732-506-6975 or download a form from the web at www.jcaa.org.  You can even register using a MasterCard or Visa credit card by phone!  Check out the JCAA web page for further information: http://www.jcaa.org



Mark the date of the Jersey Coast Fluke Tournament June 14th on your calendar.  Six anglers per boat are allowed to fish.  Ask your family and friends to join you and increase your chances to win port prizes.  Why wait to sign up when you could be cutting bait and preparing strategies.  Check out the JCAA web page for further information: http://www.jcaa.org

12 Ports - 12 Official Weigh Stations


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