Update on the JCAA Website

by Dave Franceschina, Webmaster

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association March 2003 Newsletter)

Interested in reading all the up to date publications, notices and press releases online pertaining to your JCAA and fisheries-related issues? Would you like to sign up to be on our “e-mail” list so that you receive notices and time-sensitive correspondence in between newsletters? Want to be able to browse our current newsletter on the JCAA website as well as all the back issues going back as far as 1995? Or maybe you want to search thru all the documents on our site for a particular issue you’re interested in. A ton of information is at your fingertips on our site and guess what?  ABSOLUTELY NO POPUP ADS to annoy you!  Well, none that you didn’t already have bothering you before you visited our site.

Since the last time we plugged our web site here in our newsletter several changes have taken place in the way of additional functionality and a more streamlined appearance.

1.  We’ve added a Keyword Search function much like you would see on all the major web search engines such as Yahoo and AltaVista. With it you can, as I stated earlier, search thru our entire web site for words you are interested in. This search encompasses all of the documents that we have stored on the site – going back to 1995. And the best thing is – there’s no waiting! It’s instantaneous!

2.  Our web site now has an Interactive Calendar of Events and with it you can see scheduled meetings and future events. You have the option of viewing it in the traditional monthly (grid) format or, if you prefer, in “list” format. Just click the option buttons on the left side of the initial view to set these according to your preferences. When you find an event or item that you’re interested in be sure to place your mouse over it and click on the link to see a detailed description of it and possibly get contact information and phone numbers.

3.  There’s a link to a new form where you can fill in some info, click a button to submit and automatically be added to our broadcast email list so we can give you notices quickly. No, you’re not going to get any junk mail from us – promise. This is completely private – between you and JCAA. And, no, we’re not going to ask you for any personal info – just your email address and some stuff about your interests.


And the staples of our web presence that have been there all along are just a click away:

1.                  Our Mission Statement

2.                  Our Fluke Tournament stuff – registration forms, past tournament winners, awards banquet photos, links to the tournament sponsors, prizes and rules

3.                  Request forms for t-shirts – “America The Beautiful”, “Endangered Species” as well as Fluke Tournament shirts

4.                  NJ Legislative & Congressional Information – JCAA testimony before Congress, legislators voting records with regard to fisheries issues, links to our legislators via the “voting records” page and the New Jersey State Legislature web site where you also can find representatives’ home pages and contact info

5.                  Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament info – registration forms, past tournament winners, rules and regulations, background information

6.                  Archives of all our past newsletters and documents, indexed by Month and Year

7.                  Various slideshows


In the future, look for a “WebSite Suggestions” link on our home page. We want to encourage you to offer us input regarding the JCAA web site and how it suits you, so clicking this link, filling in the information and clicking the SUBMIT button will kick off an email directly to me. Of course, you can always send a regular old email to me anytime you like.


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