President's Report

by Rich Esposito

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association January 2003 Newsletter)

With the holidays rapidly approaching and knowing how busy we all get during this time of the year, I want to remind everyone about the two major functions on the agenda for the start of the new year, the Outdoor Sportsman Show, to be held in January, and the Atlantic City Boat Show, scheduled for February, the time and dates already announced. Needless to say, we need all the help we can get to man the JCAA Booth, especially during the weekdays, as most of us still have fulltime occupations to contend with. Once again, Vice President Mark Taylor will be coordinating the scheduling for both shows, so please get in touch with him and let him know when you would be available, as we all know how important these functions are towards the funding of our organization and what we fight for on behalf of the recreational fishermen.

            At the last board of directors meeting, one of the topics we discussed was how we might go about getting more clubs to join the JCAA. One sure method is to be sure that we all take the monthly newsletters and distribute them to as many bait and tackle stores, as well as any other marine related establishments, throughout the state. This should be relatively easy to accomplish, given the fact that we have representatives who attend the monthly meetings that come from all parts of the state. All that is needed is a concerted effort from all of us to insure the widespread distribution of this important source of information directed towards the recreational boating and fishing population. I am convinced that if we can get your total support we would see a noticeable increase in the membership of our organization.

            Our sincere condolences go out to corresponding secretary Paula Emond over the recent loss of her father. I, unfortunately, recently lost my mother and know firsthand how tough this is, especially around the holidays. Our prayers are with you and your family.

            Id like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who supported the JCAA during my term as your President, as you helped make my job a bit easier. We have had some great success stories during the last two years, the elimination of the reduction boats in our states waters, our fluke tournament reaching the highest level of entries weve ever had and the largest number of attendees for our annual Sportsperson of the Year Dinner, just to name a few. I certainly cannot take all the credit for these accomplishments, as we have a great group of core people that have made this possible. I will not take the time to name them, as you should know by now who those individuals are. It is my sincere hope and desire that you all show the incoming slate of officers the same support and cooperation that was given to me and to my team of officers and directors.

            I want to wish a healthy and happy holiday season to you and your families.


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