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Changes in Sponsor and Membership Programs to Begin this Month

by Paul Smith, Membership Secretary

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 2000 Newsletter)

All JCAA Sponsors, Member Clubs and Associate Members will receive their renewal forms in January. All renewals will be due and payable before March 1, 2000.

This new procedure will replace the scattering of payments throughout the year for different types of JCAA members and supporters. We realize some of our friends may have renewed during the second half of 1999, and we hope this new policy will not upset them. Our limited numbers of volunteer workers require streamlining as many JCAA administrative procedures as possible. We hope this will enable us to serve you more promptly and result in less confusion.

All member clubs will receive a fact sheet to be filled out with information about their club and delegates. We must have a legible address, phone and fax number and, if possible, an E-mail address for each club president, JCAA delegate and alternate delegate. This information will allow us to send newsletters and other urgent information to you promptly. All clubs will soon receive a dues notice and fact sheet by mail. Please fill out the fact sheet and include it with your dues payment before March 1.

If your club would like to supply its members with their own copies of the JCAA News each month, we can send them to you in bulk. It cost about $4.00 per 30 copies each month to send them your club. Please contact the JCAA office if you are interested in this service.

JCAA Sponsors will receive renewal applications early in January. The same levels of support will be available again for the New Year.

The JCAA Executive Board has decided to increase the annual Associate Member dues to $25 for all new and renewing members.

All persons now receiving our printed monthly newspaper in the mail will be asked if they prefer to continue doing so, or would rather read the publication on the JCAA Web Site:

We have been told that many of you read the latest edition of the JCAA News on our web site before it is received in the mail. This gives you the most updated information when you wish to access it and eliminates more printed material to look for and store. If you desire, we will be happy to continue sending the printed edition of JCAA News to you by mail.

We hope all the supporters of JCAA understand that any money saved on postage and printing, without reducing the quality of service to you, will enable us to accomplish more in the constant struggle to retain the quality of our fisheries and protection of our environment.

New Jersey Legislative JCAA Newsletter Archives Jersey Coast Angler's Association Home Page JCAA Host Issues JCAA Fluke Tournament

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