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NJ Beach Buggy Association

Bob DeLeonard

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 2000 Newsletter)

The New Jersey Beach Buggy Association , founded at Island Beach State Park , is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1954. The NJBBA is not a fishing club. It is an association of people who all want the same thing. That is to be able to use a mobile sportfishing vehicle while in pursuit of their favorite hobby, mainly surf fishing. The majority of the members do belong to fishing clubs, but they still realize that one group is needed to lead the way in the fight for our right of continued and reasonable beaches access.

Please do not confuse our beach buggies with present day, modified VW fame types with roll bars and pipe welding. Our beach buggies come in all shape and sizes and are mobile sportfishing vehicles, which ride the level beach, entering and leaving by, access and egress trails approved by authorities. Members must not travel on any dunes or vegetation, as this practice is not consistent with the philosophy of the organization with reference to the preservation of our coastal resources.

Any person interested in promoting the purposes of the organization may join NJBBA as ownership of a beach buggy or other four-wheel drive vehicle is not a requirement. NJBBA comprises all types of beach users, in addition to those with buggies, walk – on users are also very active members as NJBBA works toward equal privileges and access for all beach users. To join NJBBA simply fill out the application on the back of the Q&A brochure, and mail it in to the membership secretary.


New Jersey Beach Buggy Association
PO Box 511
Seaside Park NJ 08752
Web site

Instant membership kits may be obtained from NJBBA Courtesy Patrol members on any beach in the state. As a member of NJBBA, you can be sure that your interests in marine conservation and the protection of the mobile beach user’s rights and privileges are being well represented at local, state, and federal levels of government.

While in pursuit of these goals NJBBA, a state wide organization, has become the largest individual member fishing association in our state. We have a great record for successful Conservation and Wildlife projects on the coastline, and have won some very prestigious awards in doing so.

Bob DeLeonard, a resident of Seaside Park, is President of NJBBA. and a JCAA Access Committee.

The Resource and The Marine Environment Need Your Help.

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