(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association July 1999 Newsletter)

On April 22, 1999 the New York Metropolitan Outdoor Press Association met at the Anglers Club and Fraunces Tavern Restaurant in New York City. They presented their annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Tom Fote. Following is the write up included in the dinner program.

Dedication is a word that best describes Tom Fote, an individual who has devoted his great talents to the conservation and preservation of our great coastal fisheries heritage. An individual who doesn't know how to say "no", he has helped champion many causes that show the fruits of his unselfish efforts.

Tom achieved the rank of Captain in the U. S. Army, from which he retired in 1970. He then went on to receive a BA in Marketing Management from Hofstra University in 1975 and MBA in Management, also from Hofstra in 1977.

His forte has been fisheries science, statistics and management cooperation between the commercial and recreational communities. As such he's been involved in almost every important legislative and ecological concern along the coast. Space limitations prevent including all of his relationships, but suffice to say he is a driving force of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association, helping to organize its efforts to protect the interests of the recreational angler.

His experience includes the N. J. Marine Fisheries Council, Law Enforcement Committee, Bunker Advisory Committee, Striped Bass Advisor, Bluefish Advisor, Beach Access, the Governor Appointee to Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and Liaison to Council

Governor Pataki was in attendance for the cocktail hour and, as politicians are likely to do, he was introduced around the room. One of the outdoor writers introduced him to Tom, mentioning that Tom was receiving the lifetime achievement award. Never one to miss a chance to twist an arm, Tom let Governor Pataki know that the award was being given because Tom helped make Striped Bass a gamefish in New Jersey. Tom then proceeded to quiz the governor on his intentions to work for gamefish status in New York. At the moment, we have nothing new to report but Tom never misses a chance to push gamefish status for Striped Bass.


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