By Greg Kucharewski

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association June 1999 Newsletter)


A special note of appreciation to the membership of Berkley Striper Club for their kind donation of $100.00 to the Jersey Coast Angler Association’s, Youth Education Program. The JCAA Youth Education Committee will purchase National Fishing Week promotional material to support NFW events for disadvantage children.


Combine environmental education, the excitement of sportfishing and drug prevention into one powerful package and what do you have? The innovative Hooked On Fishing -- Not On Drugs (HOFNOD) program! The program's primary objective is to develop qualified people to implement the HOFNOD curriculum (K-12) through community networks. Through the program, students and families will learn how to fish and to become stewards of the resource. By linking hands- on instruction in fishing and environmental stewardship information, the program introduces valuable life skills, positive role models and healthy alternatives to the many negative social pressures influencing the next generation. Providing the enjoyable activity of fishing and a solid foundation to live a drug-free lifestyle, award-winning HOFNOD is considered to be one of the most effective drug prevention programs available by educators, drug prevention specialists and law enforcement personnel across the country. For more information about the "Hooked on Fishing Not On Drugs program phone or write HOFNOD, 1033 North Fairfax St | Suite 200 | Alexandria, VA 22314 tel: 703.519.9691 | fax: 703.519.1872.


National Fishing Week, June 5 - 13, 1999 Free Fishing Days in New Jersey are Saturday & Sunday June 5 & 6, 1999. Residents and non-residents may fish the public waters of New Jersey without a license or trout Stamp. All other regulations apply.

Last year the J.C.A.A. Youth Education Committee, coordinated fishing and aquatic education programs for the week long celebration of National Fishing Week. This year we will be working with disadvantaged students in Monmouth County. Member clubs that wish to conduct a National Fishing Week program can phone the JCAA office and NFW support material will be available. Call early supplies are limited. Please record your event and let the JCAA Youth Education Committee know how many National Fishing Week participants supported your program. If your club would like to help collect funds for children with cancer during National Fishing Week so that they may go fishing. Please contact Greg Kucharewski, "Kid's Wish'N To Go Fish'N" 732/840-9197. We have donation canisters available.

Coastal Workshop for Teachers

Please keep in mind the Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, NJ will host a Coastal Workshop for Teachers the weekend of May 21-23, 1999. Courses include: Principles of Wildlife Management, Marine Resources and their Importance To People, Beasts and Beaches, Wetlands Wildlife, Delaware Bay Migration, Schooner Cruse, Bayman’s Boat Cruise and Kayaking. To learn more about how to register for a worthwhile learning experience, please phone Larry Sarner, NJ F,G&W, - 609/748-2031.


Fort Monmouth Youth Service Center

Children attending the Fort Monmouth Youth Services Center will be celebrating National Fishing Week on Wednesday, 09 June 1999. James Steen, Veteran Fly Caster will demonstrate basic fly casting techniques for children and Dr. Eleanor Bochenek, New Jersey Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service will discuss species identification. Children participating in NFW projects throughout the week will receive National Fishing Week promotional items courtesy of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association.

Aquatic Education Program for Urban Youth

Dr. Eleanor Bochenek will teach urban youth about marine environment education in Paterson, NJ. The program is geared toward helping introduce inner-city youngsters, considered to be at-risk for drug and alcohol use, to consider fishing as a healthy outdoor alternative. Children will learn the following skills: knot tying, casting, species identification, lures and bait, fish handling, catch/release and New Jersey rules and regulations.


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