By Greg Kucharewski

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association - April 1997 Newspaper)


Children at Fort Monmouth will have a chance this summer to catch several species of warm water fish thanks to the Division of Fish Game & Wildlife. Approximately 200 children at the Fort Monmouth Youth Service Center will learn about the joys of fishing through the instruction of the J.C.A.A. Youth Education Committee and the Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife. State representatives have supported the Fort Monmouth Youth Service Center's youth fishing program in the past and also supplied equipment along with technical expertise. A special ceremony is scheduled for early July to promote healthy outdoor activities for children and employees from the Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife will demonstrate fish stocking.

The Future Fisherman Foundation's "Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" program will be reinforced for it's third year at Fort Monmouth, NJ as part of a continuing drug awareness project. More than 200 children attending the Fort Monmouth Youth Services Center this summer will have a chance to experience cane pole fishing at Husky Brook Pond.

The youth fishing and drug awareness program has excited several federal agencies at Fort Monmouth and their involvement has produced a model summer youth fishing program to be shared with other military installations. Young anglers will also receive information from the Jersey Coast Anglers Association's Youth Education Committee, and each child will receive hands on instruction about cane pole fishing techniques throughout the summer program.

Special Thank You to the Berkeley Striper Club for including the J.C.A.A. Youth Education Committee in the list of donations from their Fishing Flea Market.

Aquatic Education Workshops

Please keep in mind the Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife is conducting free Project Aquatic Wild workshops for educators. To learn more about how to register for this worthwhile learning experience, please phone Larry Sarner, NJ F,G&W, - 609/748-2031.

Coastal Habitat Workshop-April 29, 2997 Tuesday, 4:30 -6:30 for New Jersey educators 6th-12th grade. Lesson plans that focus on the coastal zone. Contact Janice McDonnell (908) 932-6555 for a registration form. Forms must be received by April 25, 1997.

"Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs" 10 Year Anniversary Clip art will be available at our next scheduled meeting. You are welcome to incorporate the clipart in your clubs newsletter or promotional material.


They Are Hooked:

After a lesson about fishing and aquatic education by Dr. Eleanor Bochenek Rutgers Cooperative Extension NJ Sea Grant Marine Agent, Mrs. Beales seventh grade class at Long Branch Middle School, NJ is hooked on learning about fishing. The class is planing two fishing trips as the weather warms and students are ready to test their new fishing skills.

Pequest Open House:

Saturday & Sunday, April 5&6 from 10a.m. to 4p.m.- A great outing for the whole family and plenty of activities to enjoy. Pequest Trout Hatchery & Natural Resource Education Center, 605 Pequest Rd., Oxford, NJ 07863-9748.

Children Go Fishing

Members of the Silverton Fishing Club are coordinating a party boat fishing trip for foster children. The Jersey Coast Anglers Association's Youth Education Committee, will support their efforts by providing materials and information from the "Hooked On Fishing Not Drugs" program.


Greg Kucharewski, a member of the Shore Surf Club, is the J.C.A.A. Youth Education Director. For information on aquatic youth education material write to: J.C.A.A. Youth Education Committee, 1201 Rt. 37 East, Suite 9, Toms River, NJ 08753 or phone the J.C.A.A. office at 908/506-6565 voice mail box #1


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