(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association - December 1996 Newsletter)

We do have a Menhaden Committee !

Members of the Hi-Mar Striper Club and the Sandy Hook Bay Anglers have formed a committee to address the obvious over-fishing of the Menhaden resource and inequitable treatment we, as recreational anglers, are receiving under the current state regulations governing the Menhaden Fishery. Greg hall will be working with us as a consultant. Greg's commitment to the cause and the wealth of knowledge he brings will be an obvious asset to our committee.

At the January Regular meeting of the JCAA, we would like to take a vote on the following proposal to modify the existing State regulations:

We believe these recommendations can resolve the conflict which currently exists between the recreational and bait fishing interests in New Jersey and allow reduction fishing to continue as a viable fishery outside New Jersey waters. The current New Jersey Bait Fishery will have the opportunity to increase their harvest by having available the additional biomass currently harvested by the reduction fleet in New Jersey waters. The movement of the N.J. Bait Fleet out of the bays, estuaries, and two miles off the shore line will eliminate the conflict between bait and recreational interests.

We realize this is only the start of a long, hard struggle and we welcome anyone else who is interested to join this committee. We encourage each of our clubs to discuss this proposal at your December meetings so that you can be prepared to discuss and vote on the proposal at the JCAA January 1997 Regular Meeting.

The "Bunker" Committee

Joe Goelembowski 908-787-6333
Len Fantasia 908-872-1862
Chet Bohaneck 908-541-7895
Stu Barnes 908-872-7083
Bob Hale 908-671-1765
Greg Hall 908-974-9429

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