New Jersey Outdoor Alliance Report

by John Toth

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2010 Newsletter)

On behalf of the JCAA, I attended an August 23rd meeting of The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) and the following issues were discussed:

NJOA Chairman, Anthony Mauro, reported that Governor Christie signed into law a new Bow Hunting bill. At the strong urging of the NJOA, this bill was sponsored by Senators Van Drew and Orho, and Assemblypersons Bruzichelli, McHose, Albano, Milam, Moriaty, Chuisano, Addiego, Rudder and Riley. This bill modifies the perimeter for bow hunting around occupied buildings.

The new law changes the area for bow hunting around occupied buildings to 150 feet and will assist in providing means of accessing deer populations for culling purposes. Restrictions for bow hunting within 450 feet of a school playground will remain in effect. The law also stipulates that an arrow may only be released when the hunter is in an elevated position which ensures that the arrow has limited travel and a downward trajectory.

Additionally, Anthony Mauro announced that Governor Christie signed into law a measure that will authorize counties to develop community based deer management permits for county-owned lands. The purpose of the law is to reduce deer overgrown populations that stress forests for food and to also cut down on vehicular collisions with these animals.

The New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife is exploring new ways to obtain needed revenues to operate its various programs. These new revenue streams may include the issuing of new license plates that would be attractive to anglers and hunters, and a new lottery dedicated to the Division.

Mr. Robert Williams, an NJOA representative who specializes in forestry issues, reported that our state’s forests lack a comprehensive management program. The lack of it causes decay of our forestry and the reduction of all types of wildlife. He asked the NJOA to bring this issue to our state’s legislators for resolution.


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