President's Report

by Rich Esposito

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2002 Newsletter)

Now that the summer has come to an end, and we will resume having our regular monthly meetings, I would like to encourage everyone to make every effort possible to attend this month’s general membership meeting scheduled for Tuesday Sept. 24th, as there is a great number of extremely important topics that will be discussed. We will have Bruce Freeman addressing the proposed changes in the weakfish regulations and bag limits.  Ed Cherry will speak about what the options are for the changes in the Striped Bass regulations. We will be taking nominations from the floor for this year’s Sportsperson-of-the-Year Award, as well as the upcoming Sportsperson-of-the-Year Dinner Dance, just to mention a few of what we will have on the agenda. I will pledge to you that I will start the meeting promptly at 7:30, providing we have a quorum in attendance.


As far as the Sportsperson of the Year nominations, please be sure to have a brief explanation of why the person you nominate deserves consideration for this award, outlining how he or she has benefited the recreational fisherman. Along with this, I would also like to inform all club reps who plan to attend that we will have tickets for the dinner/dance available to bring back to your respective clubs. I would like to repeat that we need the support of all member clubs to help make this function a success. Besides the sale of the dinner tickets, we are also in need of door prizes and items that will be used for the Chinese and silent auctions, and remember the invited keynote speaker for the evening is Governor Jim McGreevy. Every year, since the conception of the Sportsperson-of-the-Year, our Dinner/Dances have been a very enjoyable night out, with good food and good friends, and I look forward to your support for this year’s event.


We are presently in the process of purchasing a laptop computer to help with the clean water presentation that we developed. A great deal of time and effort has gone into the development of this presentation, and we would like all club reps to be sure to take advantage of this offer and let us know when it can be shown to your club. Clean water is so important to all of us, whether you are a fisherman or not, that this presentation should not be overlooked.


I might be a tad early, but it is rapidly nearing the time when we will be electing the slate of officers who will guide the JCAA in 2003. Anyone with any interest in running for an office, please get in touch with nominating chairman Don Marantz, and he will inform you of what positions we are attempting to fill.


We have been asked by Tom McCloy,of the fish and game commission, to provide two people to sit on the law enforcement committee because of the tremendous outcry of public opinion, due to the blatant acts of non-compliance of the rules governing the taking of certain species of fish. This committee will meet two or three times within the next 6 months to discuss the penalties with should be imposed on anyone who is caught not complying with the state bag limits. We have already filled the two positions and are also fortunate to have a volunteer to be an alternate.


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