President's Report

by Rich Esposito

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association January 2002 Newsletter)

At the December 19 General meeting we elected a slate of officers for next year. The only changes are Mark Taylor and Tom Siciliano changed positions.  Tom is now 1st Vice President and Mark is 2nd VP.  I am looking forward to serving the JCAA another year as President.

I am putting together committees for next year.  I had some member clubs volunteer people to serve on the Striped Bass Committee.  Ed Cherry has volunteered to chair the committee.  The easiest way to get in touch with Ed Cherry is by email edwardwc@cybercomm.net If your club wants to volunteer a member for this committee, call the office and leave a name and telephone number.  In next month's newspaper I will have a list of all the committees that need volunteers.  Remember, these committee members need not be the club representative but need to be appointed by their club.  They are also not required to attend any other JCAA Meeting.

I wish to extend my sincere apology to Dave and Grant of the Reel Seat, 608 Green Street in Brielle, for leaving their name off the list of sponsors who donated prizes for our annual Sportsperson of the Year Dinner/Dance that was held on October 28th. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes do happen, and I want to assure both Dave and Grant that your generosity is and always will be appreciated, and I also hope that this little mistake does not affect our relationship in the future.

You must be aware of by now, the New Jersey Senate passed the bunker bill by a 24 to 8 margin. It is now up to all of us to contact acting governor DiFrancesco and urge him to sign the bill into law to keep the reduction boats out of our state waters. We as recreational fishermen know how important it is to protect the bunker from being over fished by commercial concerns that seem to have little or no regard on what effect they are having on the predator species that heavily rely on the bunker for their very existence.

Once again, we are in the midst of preparing for the annual Sportsman Show that will be held at the Raritan Expo Center in Edison, N.J. from January 10th thru the 13th. We are desperately in need of help manning the booth on Friday the 11th from 1pm to 6pm, Saturday from 9am to 8pm and on Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Please contact Vice President Mark Taylor, any BOD member, or you can leave a message at the JCAA office and let us know when you could be available to help out. Needless to say, it is imperative that we get the help we need and that we must stop relying on those same individuals who seem to do all the work and be able to start counting on some new blood to help pick up the slack.

Along the same lines, we have also completed the list of prizes for this year’s High Roller Raffle, and I and pleased to announce that the prizes total over $3500.  I am counting on all the club representatives to secure an ample amount of books to bring to your respective clubs and sell them. Although we do sell a great deal of tickets at the various shows, we cannot have a successful raffle without the support of the member clubs.

 I would like to take this opportunity to wish a healthy and happy holiday season to all and to thank all of those who supported the JCAA this past year, and look forward to continuing the great traditions in the year to come.


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