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Salt Water Sportsman Magazine's Seminar
Atlantic City January 8, 2000

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association December 1999 Newsletter)

Salt Water Sportsman Magazine's National Seminar Series, the nation's foremost educational course on marine sportfishing techniques, will bring their New Jersey edition to Atlantic City on Saturday, January 8!

RESORTS ATLANTIC CITY (1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City) will host the 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. event. Headlining the presentation will be GEORGE POVEROMO - world-renowned angling authority and Senior Editor for Salt Water Sportsman Magazine, and SPIDER ANDRESEN - noted inshore and offshore angler and the Magazines Publisher-At-Large. They will be joined by seven top regional pros!

The six hour educational fishing seminar, which is being presented by Interlux Yacht Finishes, is geared to exposing the how-tos and where-tos of catching key inshore and offshore game fish within the seminar region, as well as revealing the latest angling techniques. The seminar packs the vast knowledge accumulated by handpicked teaching teams into a presentation geared to the beginning, intermediate and advanced salt-water angler. The courses will be conducted in a college-style manner with extensive use of audio-visual techniques. Image magnification technology will reinforce the key points covered by the faculty through detailed slides, video bytes, and on-stage demonstrations. Through the use of twin 10 foot screens that join the faculty on stage, the audience will be able to follow in larger-than-life fashion step-by-step instruction on how to rig up for a certain type of fishing, right down to the type of rods, reels, sinkers, hooks and knots!

Poveromo and Andresen will be joined by CAPTAIN AL RISTORI - Distinguished New York/New Jersey inshore and offshore fishing veteran, charter captain and regional editor for Salt Water Sportsman; CAPTAIN JED DUBOIS - Renowned offshore specialist who captains the FELICITY for tuna, billfish and sharks off Ocean City, New Jersey, as well as off South Florida and the Bahamas; CAPTAIN BILL GARRISON - Skipper of the Cape May-based charter boat LADY CATHERINE and a recognized authority on catching striped bass, bluefish, tunas, and sharks; CAPTAIN MATT MUZSLAY - Premier tuna and shark fishing specialist who's equally adept at catching striped bass, bluefish, and fluke; CAPTAIN JOHN T. PIRIE - Captain of the Manchester, Massachusetts-based ORCA, Pirie is a respected New England charter captain specializing in striped bass, bluefish and sharks. He also holds a masters degree in marine biology; CAPTAIN PAUL BARRUS, JR. - Veteran South Jersey wreck-fishing specialist who produced the current 25-pound IGFA all-tackle world record blackfish aboard his Ocean City-based party boat NORTH STAR; and ANDY DUFFY - Ocean City-based beach and back-bay fishing authority who specializes in catching trophy stripers, weakfish, bluefish and flounder aboard his 22 footer AT WORK!

Regional courses for the Atlantic City program will cover: How to catch more and bigger flounder; catch blackfish like the pros; trolling and chunking for tuna (basic and advanced); advanced methods for bluefin tuna; trophy stripers on ultra light tackle; live-lining for trophy stripers; top trolling techniques for stripers; jigging and chunking for striped bass; chumming for bluefish; refined wire-line trolling tactics; sure-fire weakfish tactics; hot trolling methods for tuna and marlin; targeting trophy makos; basic and advanced sharking techniques for makos; blues and threshers (including kite fishing); trolling for sharks; successful chumming strategies (inshore and offshore); how to locate and fish productive water temperature breaks and ocean circulation features; and fishing the rips.

The National topics will focus on: Successful chumming strategies; choosing, rigging and fishing circle hooks for both inshore and offshore game fish; how to catch fish when they are not feeding; how to use the latest electronics to locate and stay on top of fish; how to choose and rig the most effective terminal gear systems (leaders, hooks, lures/baits and knots); using water temperature, tides, currents and moon phases to your advantage; Plus: where to catch fish year-round in the local waters.

The amount of hard-core, useful information covered at our seminars, and the way in which we present that information is unparalleled, says George Poveromo, host of the National Seminar Series. We employ a team-teaching concept, where a minimum of three instructors share the stage during a session. The beauty here is that there is a continuos exchange of information as well as some contrasting opinions on how to catch a particular game fish. Instead of learning the techniques of one pro, the audience hears the different tactics and subtleties employed by the faculty to catch their specialty fish. It's the same when they pinpoint their favorite fishing spots. Considering the diversity and vast experience of our faculty and how every seminar on the tour is custom-tailored for the region in which it is being held, anglers are basically spoon-fed the short cuts to successfully fishing their waters.

Mirroring the editorial content in Salt Water Sportsman, where each issue contains fresh information and features, the National Seminar Series courses and regional faculty change annually; No two shows are alike, regardless of how many times the Tour revisits a city. Repeat attendees will take in totally new topics led by fresh teams of instructors. In addition to meeting and learning from the best in salt water fishing, attendees can engage in one-on-one conversations with the faculty in the lobby during their breaks. The National Seminar Series enters into its 13th consecutive year of touring in 2000!

The $ 45.00 ticket price includes six hours of fishing instruction from these pros, a 106-page course textbook, a one year subscription or extension to Salt Water Sportsman, one Roffers Offshore Ocean Fishing Forecast Analysis, and chances to win valuable door prizes - including an incredible fishing trip to the Islands of The Bahamas (one bonefishing excursion for two will be awarded to the new and beautiful Kamalame Cay Resort on Andros Island)! All seminar participants are also automatically entered in the drawing for the Super Grand Prize: Mako Marine new 2100 Bay Shark Center Console powered by an Evinrude 150hp Outboard with FICHT Ram Injection. This Salt Water Sportsman Seminar Series Edition Mako comes fully equipped, including a FLOAT-ON Trailer! The Super Grand Prize drawing will be held one week after the conclusion of the eighth and final seminar on the 2000 Tour!

The information-packed day is available at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to ice down and ready your boat for a day of fishing, says George Poveromo. No where else will you find such detailed information on fishing your local waters for such a nominal price. It is the best bargain in sportfishing today!

To order tickets by phone, dial 1-800-448-7360. To order by mail, checks should be sent to: Outdoor Associates, Inc., 9930 N.W. 59th Court, Parkland, Florida 33076.

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