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JCAA Awards Dinner November 14

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association November 1999 Newsletter)

It's the event anglers all over the state have been asking for and now it's here. The first Jersey Coast Anglers Association Banquet! A very special evening of concerned fisherman coming together with sportfishing activists, conservationists and politicians to celebrate the 1998 JCAA Sportsperson of the Year. The dinner will be at the Crystal Point Yacht Club's beautiful banquet facility with its spectacular view of the Manasquan River, RT 70 & River Rd. Point Pleasant, NJ Meet many of the past recipients and the 1998 recipient of this prestigious award. Past Honorees, include:

Judge Marlcne Lynch Ford--Former Assemblywoman

John Paul Doyle-Former Assemblyman

John Russo- Former Senator

This gala event will accommodate only 300 individuals and will feature the awards announcement and presentations. There will also be a silent auction and raffle to benefit JCAA. There will be keynote speaker, great food and a DJ. This dinner is in direct response to requests from JCAA Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs to produce a fund-raiser dinner where supporters can gather each year to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy each others company.

There is choice of entrees and cash bar. Tickets are $75.00 each. For a table of 10 it is $600. The ticket form is on the last page of the newspaper. Space is limited!

Today’s marine recreational anglers are faced with problems their fathers would have never dreamed possible. Entire fisheries have been decimated by unchecked commercial over fishing. The marine environment has been ravaged by pollution, over development and dwindling access. Fisheries management policies are influenced by special interest groups trying to exclude or limit recreational participation. The list seems endless.

The JCAA is comprised of dedicated volunteer anglers and offers hope and a voice that is hear loud and clear by legislators in Trenton and Washington DC. JCAA has worked hard to have striped bass declared a game in fish in New Jersey and is taking the fight to federal level. We have earned national recognition by protecting fisheries resources, fighting for a healthy marine ecosystem and for promoting and enhancing fishing wholesome outdoor family recreation.

The JCAA has a distinguished record of public outreach, sponsoring outdoor education programs in schools and though a variety of public events. Our "Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs" programs have benefited vulnerable children throughout the state to protect our sport for generations to come all of us must get involved in some way.

JCAA and others have initiated legal action against the National Marine Fisheries Service, to stop blatant discrimination against recreational fisheries and most recently against Army Corps. Engineers & the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent the dumping of toxin-laden material at the old mud dump site off Sandy Hook. We need your help and support to continue to protect the rescue.

Contributions, donations, or any prizes should be sent to JCAA Office C/O JCAA Awards Dinner, or call Don Marantz (609) 224-9350 (day) or (732) 280-2643 (night) for more information. The ticket order form is on the last page of this newspaper.Come and meet this year and the past years recipients of the JCAA Sportsperson of the year award

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