By Mark Taylor

(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 1999 Newsletter)

Since January, when I was elected to the position of President, I have seen the participation of the same club delegates at every monthly meeting. I would like to see more club delegates from the rest of the member clubs at our monthly meeting. If we all do our share of letter writing, telephone calls, faxes, E-mails as clubs and individual fishermen, we will be a stronger association that can voice our opinions in the process of managing the resource for a stable future.

Start showing your participation by having a club delegate at the next monthly meeting to pick up some High Roller Raffle Tickets. Bring the tickets back to your club to sell and return them for the drawing on April 27,1999. Individuals that are interested in specific species and being part of a committee should contact the office.

Clubs were asked to vote on a Fluke (summer flounder) proposal at the last monthly meeting. We had twenty-one (21) clubs that voted. The vote went as followed: eleven (11) clubs for a 15 inch size limit with a season and ten (10) clubs for a 16 inch size limit with no season. So Jersey Coast Anglers Association’s position was 15- inch size limit with a season. This was the closest vote that JCAA has seen in some time and goes to show you difference of opinion each member club has on this issue. There was no right vote. We should be a status quo.

On March 4,1999 at the Marine Fisheries Council Meeting on Fluke regulations for 1999, there was public comments supporting a few proposals. After listening to all the comments the council voted favoring a 15- inch minimum size with a bag limit of eight (8) and a season from May 15 to Oct. 11 for the 1999 Fluke (summer flounder) season.

On March 6,1999 Jersey Coast Anglers Association had a booth at the New Jersey State Aquarium in Camden. I would like to thank two individuals that volunteered their time, Dorothy Obropta and Don Marantz. We can use help at shows and events; this is how we let the public know who we are and what we do face to face.

Special thanks to those volunteers that put the JCAA Newsletter together last month. They are Rich Pasco, Paul Smith, Scott Nettleson, Prosper and Florance Deman, and Dorothy Obropta. Need volunteers only one day a month usually around the second or third Monday call Phil 609 6933414 or leave message on office phone. Volunteers don’t have to work every month, just when they have free time.

I’m proud to announce that the United Fishermen Association (UFA) has signed on as a major sponsor for the 1999 Fluke Tournament. They have come up with the new 2nd place prize of $500 for each port. This tournament is the major fundraiser for JCAA

Welcome aboard!


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