(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 1998 Newsletter)

Over 1,000 surf anglers are expected to compete for the honor of catching the largest fish in one of several categories and perhaps become this year’s winner of the prestigious Governor’s Cup.

The tournament, held at Island Beach State Park, has become one of the largest one-day surf fishing events on the entire coast. Most events of this kind are geared to attract only the most skilled surf angler, but this is a different kind of tournament. The emphasis has always been to promote the Governor’s Cup Tournament as a family oriented day of fishing in a natural surrounding of incredible beauty. Each year it is gratifying to see so many novice anglers and eager children enjoying a learning experience on the same beach with veteran surf anglers.

This year, for the first time, there will be two special areas open on the bay side of the park for fly fishing contestants only. There is also a special prize for the largest fish caught with a fly rod.

In addition to the enjoyment of taking part in this tournament, the entrants have provided funding, with their entry fees, for handicapped angler access projects, environmental learning displays and fishing equipment for youth education programs.

The effort has also been well supported by some members of the business community. Particular mention should be made of the support and generosity of Ultimus Lures and its owner Vic Kozac. Vic has donated countless items for the early entry prizes since the inception of the tournament.

Tournament posters and registration materials have been available throughout the state at various sport shops, marinas and tackle dealers. Many early entries have already registered and more are coming in daily. Late entries can register on the morning of the tournament at the Park’s Pavilion starting at 5 AM.

Fishing will start at 6 AM and continue until 1 PM. The awards ceremony will take place at 2 PM. Gov. Whitman is expected to take part in the presentations to the various winners.

There will be displays of interest and demonstrations in the Pavilion presented by the NJDEP, sporting organizations and tackle equipment manufacturers throughout the event

The continued success of this tournament is made possible by the efforts of the sponsoring sportsmen’s groups and the State of New Jersey. The Jersey Coast Anglers Association, New Jersey Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, New Jersey Beach Buggy Association, Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Parks and Forestry, and Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife work together each year to produce a memorable and successful event.

JCAA member clubs will be providing volunteers to staff various areas during tournament day. We hope that your organization will provide some of the manpower needed to make this day a success.

Please contact Bill Degnan at 732-270-6884 if you are interested in being a judge on the beach. Other volunteers should contact Paul Smith at 732-899-2681 for further details.

Rules & Regulations

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