(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association February 1998 Newsletter)

It is now time for the JCAA High Rollers Raffle. We have put together a terrific selection of rods and reels for one raffle that will run until the April 28, 1998 JCAA meeting. This is one of our major fund raisers and we need your support. This 11 prizes are listed below with a value of $3,000. Tickets will be two dollars each and you can get books of tickets to sell at you club meetings and in your community by attending a JCAA meeting. JCAA will be staffing booths and selling tickets at upcoming show. If you would like to raffle to buy raffle tickets call the JCAA office. When your club representative brings them back, please buy some. Without your continued support we cannot function as an organization in protecting the marine resource.

1. Penn International 50 SW Reel and ARA2260 Stand Up Rod $800

2. Orvis PM10 10wt fly rod $510

3. G Loomis GL3 Fly Rod and Scientific Anglers System 2 Fly reel and Striper Fly Line $450

4. Shimano Calcutta 400 Reel and CL 715 MT Rod $370

5. G Loomis SWR 84-30C Boat Rod $250

6. Pinnacle ABS100SPS Rod & Pinnacle ABF70 Reel $250

7. Marado Inc. tempest 802 M and Sextant 1 4040 $160

8. YO-ZURI 12 Assorted Lures $120

9-11. Katch’n Release Fishing Game by Graphic Xpress $30@ $ 90

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