Fisheries Management & Legislative Report

by Tom Fote
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association October 2017 Newsletter)
ASMFC Annual Meeting

The ASMFC Annual meeting will take place October 16-19 and I will report on it in the next JCAA Newspaper. I am also writing a response to the ASMFC response to the NJ summer flounder and black seabass situation and I will be sending this out as a JCAA Alert. JCAA is working with other groups to get people to the joint MAFMC & ASMFC Meeting December 12-14 in Annapolis for setting specifications for summer flounder and black sea bass. We have discussed chartering a bus. We have more information in the next JCAA Newspaper. If you are not getting JCAA Alerts go to the web page and sign up.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Menhaden Management Board will meet November 13-14, 2017 to consider approval of Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Menhaden and set specifications for the 2018 fishing season. The meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 1 PM on the 13th and end at 5 PM on the 14th, will take place at BWI Marriot, 1743 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland.

Draft Amendment 3, which is currently out for public comment, seeks to manage the menhaden resource in a way that balances menhaden’s ecological role as a prey species with the needs of all user groups. To this end, the Draft Amendment considers the use of ecosystem reference points (ERPs) to manage the resource and changes to the allocation method. In addition, it presents a suite of management options for quota transfers, quota rollovers, incidental catch, the episodic events set aside program, and the Chesapeake Bay reduction fishery cap.

Specifications for the 2018 fishery will occur following Board approval of the Amendment. The Commission’s Business Session will meet immediately following the conclusion of the Atlantic Menhaden Board meeting to consider final approval of the Amendment. The Menhaden meeting will be a two-day meeting in Baltimore to consider final approval of the Amendment.

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