JCAA High Roller Raffle 2017

by Don Marantz
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association April 2017 Newsletter)

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association is a charitable non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 1981. The original objective of the JCAA, that continues today, was to combine a group of marine sportfishing clubs in order to form and promote a united consensus on issues relevant to saltwater anglers in New Jersey. JCAA works to protect the rights of New Jersey's recreational fishermen by seeking fair and equitable fisheries management. It fosters conservation and education while seeking to do what is best for our fisheries to ensure they will be sustainable for future generations. JCAA also strives to create increased angling opportunities and better public access. Further, it is involved with issues concerning our marine environment, such as fighting for better fisheries habitat, keeping our waters clean, and protecting our forage species while supporting an ecosystem-based management approach. JCAA works in concert with New Jersey's legislature, many major local, state and national organizations, congress and federal agencies to advance its objectives.

JCAA has evolved into one of the most powerful and unified organizations of its kind. JCAA's strength comes from its volunteer members and donations. If you or your fishing club is interested in becoming a member or making a tax deductible donation, please call (732) 506-6565 or visit www.jcaa.org.

Another way you can help support us is to buy some of our raffle tickets at the various shows we will be at. You can call the number above or email our office at jcaa@jcaa.org, provide your name and address and we will mail you a book. Tickets are just $2.00 each, 3 for $5.00 or 7 for $10.00. Thank you for your anticipated support!

List of Prizes (with retail values)

  1. Jersey Nutz Six Man Charter (6 hour striped bass weekday charter) Value $850
      Donated by Capt. Robert Melton Jr.
  2. $500 Gift Certificate from Fisherman's Headquarters Value $500
      Donated by Fisherman's Headquarters
  3. 6'6" Shimano Terez T2C-66H-EG Spinning rod /Saltist 5000H reel Value $500
      Donated by Grumpys Tackle
  4. Tony Maja Wire Line rod/Penn 113H2SP reel Value $370
      Donated by Tony Maja and JCAA
  5. 12' Tica UEHA936502S Surf rod/Tica Abyss TL5000R spinning reel Value $310
      Donated by Tica
  6. 7' Star Stellar Lite SG102FT70G Spinning rod/Canyon DJR3500 reel Value $240
      Donated by Star Fishing Tackle and Canyon Reels
  7. 7' Tica WISA70H1 Conventional rod/Tica Caiman GT200 reel Value $225
      Donated Tica
  8. 6' 6" Tica WISA66H Conventional rod / Tica Caiman WC205 reel Value $200
      Donated by Tica
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